First Official Poll since VPILF Selection....

…and it’s Obama/Bidenup by eight percentage points in the General Election (while still leading, substantially, in the important electoral states).

See CBS Poll…

Looks like the hotty didn’t work.:roll:

I see the average of the polls taken in this time frame show obama up 4.5% with one being only 1%. What happened to this 20-30% lead that was suppose to happen. What happen to the huge bounce that was suppose to come out of the convention. Pretty clever on McCains part if you ask me. All depends on how you spin it Jim;-). Hows it looking in your state Jim?

Maybe her daughter would have been better choice in raising the Republican poles, err I mean polls. :mrgreen:

Tell me how much of an embarrassment is Palin is to the McCain ticket now? I’ll bet that in the end this will go down in history as a bigger loser than the Mondale/Ferraro ticket. Enjoy your 20 minutes of fame!

Give your buddy Joe a high five for another gutter play Jim!

Latest MO poll has Obama by 5 points.

You know how those Alaskan wolves are, right? Nothing goes to waste. :mrgreen:

What a dipsh!t you are like I had something to do with the mess & national embarrassment you friggin’ Republicans brought on yourselves.

Thats it? That must be from the convention bounce! Sweet, almost with in the margin of error!:smiley:

LOL…Hey, Randy. Enjoy it, for you have two whole months to see it that way.

Problem is, this.

You see, in Presidential elections the electoral vote is what counts. Ask Al Gore.

Here you have…if you eliminate the toss-up states…an Obama victory. If you include all of the toss-up states…Obama still wins. Either side of the coin…the Republicans trail where it really counts.

McCain is losing in some of the states won by Bush in 2004 and 2008. For example, Virginia was won by Bush both times by 8% and, today, it is tied between Obama and McCain.

There is just no enthusiasm for the Repbulican candidates.

You sir sometimes remind me of a waste of sperm! But I cherish life so I am glad you are here Joe! Has anyone told you God still loves you lately? How is your girl doing in the polls in the Great State of Florida Joe?:slight_smile:

No doubt when that happens you are looking for solutions in the palm your hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll bet that if we could poll your mother knowing what she now knows she would eagerly choose retroactive birth control. Piss off you loser and take your friggin’ loser party with you. :mrgreen:

The most appalling aspect of this whole ordeal is that we have a religious-minded creationist who is now implicitly supporting the idea of Catholic teenagers having sex and out of wedlock babies. That’s great. I thought Catholics were supposed to remain virgins until they married.

But more importantly, think about how this affects the decision-making of all teenagers who are considering child-birth…our system is doomed, thank you Sarah Palin.

I hate when this happens…


I am beginning to think Sarah will have to withdraw from this election real soon if McSame wants to win in November.

You will be okay Joe! May take awhile but you will be okay! Thanks for the red square. Sorry I hurt your little feelings!

Get a grip. it was a democratic president that sent the message that premarital sex was o.k by introducing condom distribution to high school children and getting BJ’s in the oval office. Time to come down from that acid trip you’ve been on 1972

Joe B,

For a smart guy, yur disdain for the Republican candidates is pushig you into the stratesphere of distaste.

I submit that the entire state of national politics is a huge pile of sh*t.

We have a sucky President, and have had Democrats in control of the legislative branch for the past 2 years. In that time, the nation has fnancially gone down the crapper.

In the mean time, we have a community organizer and career pilitician/plagerist on one ticket, with a war-hero/liberal in conservative’s clothing on the other side. Now, we have a woman joining the Republican ticket who, if nothing else, is an interesting choice.

Admittedly, most know little about her. In all but political circles, she is quite popular in her home state. That’s across the board from actual voters.

Let the hype and bashing die down. Let’s hear her address the issues in a debate.

If Obama can no longer be PResident, does anyone really want Joe Biden as President? I dont think so.

If McCain can no longer be President, do I want Palin to be PResident? I cant say. I know little about her.

Should Obama be President? Cant say that either?

You hit the head of the nail with that post. It really doesn’t matter who gets elected the outcome will more than likely be the same. Our country is screwed no matter who is sitting in the white house.


While I feel the say way it is really up to us. And I don;t mean the voting for a president.

This country is still by and for the people and when the electorate actually takes the time to demonstrate their real power the politicians will act accordingly.

The problem is in getting enough of us to express our opinions and take the time to contact our leaders.

The amnesty bill of of 2007 was supported by GW and the Senate.

It failed to pass because people paid attention to an issue they cared about and effectively pressured our leadership to shelve it. It seemed a forgone conclusion but was beaten back because of grassroots action.

So even when the chips are down we as a country have show that we able to change the minds of those who make who decisions on our behalf.

What a country!:smiley:

Hi Michael,

If that were true we would all be driving around in one of these and not supporting the terrorists anymore.


It’s true when it’s important enough and enough people are paying attention. I didn’t say that it was easy to make that happen.:wink:

CNG may be a great option and we should encourage it’s development and distribution system.

T. Boone Pickens plan for wind that relies on government subsidies to make it viable is not.