McCain Pulls Ahead in Polls

**ZOGBY SATURDAY: McCain outpolled Obama 48% to 47% in Friday poll. He is beginning to cut into Obama’s lead among independents, is now leading among blue collar voters, has strengthened his lead among investors and among men, and is walloping Obama among NASCAR voters. Joe the Plumber may get his license after all… **

You believe Drudge? I would have given you more credit than that, I see I have overestimated your intelligence, my bad. It ain’t even an uphill battle for McCain, it is the impossible dream. :stuck_out_tongue:

RealClearPolitics Electoral College

Obama/Biden 311

238 Solid

73 Leaning

McCain/Palin 132

127 Solid

5 Leaning

Toss Up 95

95 Toss Up

Your making Joey sweat John. :wink:

What, I should believe a proven known, certified liar like you & Drudge? Pulleeze, the website I posted should make you two political guru’s shat your pants. :stuck_out_tongue: Mikey I realy feel sorry for all the friggin’ abuse you are taking these days, but deep down… you deserve it. :slight_smile:

The poll is by Zogby you moron. No Drudge, not me, not John.

swing states:


Gallup says its over!

Time to start buying those gold coins again. We’re going to need them.

If it don’t show McCain in the lead the Fundy Boys ain’t biting.

All I see is pain for McCain, BTW I hope Palin didn’t sell her Mukluks thinking her luck would hold out. :mrgreen:

Ah shucks Joey.

It’s just fun to get you all riled up.

Mikey, dip****, HELLO! Why would I be riled up, I am winning? You are whining, get it? The loser gets to go on tilt, not the winner, we get to gloat! :p:mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

Do you remember how unhappy you were when Bill Clinton won… the 2nd time, think back, this will feel worse for you, believe me Bunky I suggest drinking heavily all weekend. :wink:

Obama might win but we will all loose.

There is little doubt of that except in the minds of the Obamessiah’s true believers.

Ah shucks… Mikey has been bitch-slapped by reality, rub a little dirt on it killer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Play of the Day: Halloween, McCain style

Cindy McCain was dressed as a would-be first lady Friday when she brought early Halloween spirit to her husband’s campaign plane.

“It’s going great,” she said. “We’re right where we want to be.”

John McCain stayed in his seat during the flight. :smiley:

It’s nice to know she has a sense of humor.

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If Obama supporters win,you are in the minority and have some soul searching to do.
Years of Rush Limough will do that to you.

**Update: Little Evidence of Surge in Youth Vote **

October 31, 2008
Gallup continues to find scant evidence to suggest a surge in young voter turnout compared to other age groups or to the 2004 election. Twice as many 18- to 29-year-olds report that the Obama campaign has contacted them in recent weeks (31%) as report that the McCain campaign has done so (16%).

**Gallup Daily: Obama’s Lead Widens Some on All Bases **

October 31, 2008
Barack Obama holds an eight percentage point lead over John McCain among “traditional likely voters” – 51% to 43% – his largest margin to date using this historical Gallup Poll voter model. He leads by nine points among “expanded likely voters.” More…

Since Tuesday, McCain’s support among traditional likely voters has dropped by four points (from 47% to 43%), Obama’s has risen by two points (from 49% to 51%), and the percentage of undecided voters has increased from 4% to 6%.

Where was Joe the Other day when McCain was calling for him?

Sorry, I couldn’t hwlp myself… David Alan Grier of Chocolate News shreds Rush Limbaugh :smiley:

Actually guys,

The most accurate pollsters were Pew Research and Battleground…they nailed it
during the last election.

Much of it has to do with understanding who the likely voters really are.
Many of the polls used by the media (especially left leaning) are polling those with cell phones…this is why Obama’s lead went from almost 15 percent to within the margin of error…of course every election since JFK, the media always endorses democrats and proclaim early victories for them…anyone that does not really admit that truly has their head in the sand (or up their butt).