First one

We’ll its been sometime but I final booked my first inspection for tomorrow at 9am. Wonder if I’ll get any sleep tonight.

Take your time, relax and be thorough. Take photos and ask questions about things you are not sure of.

Good Luck!

Good luck Tom! Like Chuck said, take lots of photos. You are bound to forget to look at something but can usually find what you need reviewing your photos.

Good luck Tom!

Take an anti-histamine and go to bed. You need tonights sleep, because you’ll be working for hours tomorrow on that first report.

Best of luck Tom. I also am awaiting my first paying inspection. I have been working for a year trying to get all them little ducks in a row and keep them there. I hope to getsomething soon. Thanks to all that contribute to the MB it has been very valuable to me. Good Luck Tom

Don’t allow yourself to be rushed. That house isn’t going anywhere ( unless it is a mobile home of course! :smiley: ). Your clients will appreciate you taking your time and talking to them about the house as you go through it. Nobody is going to complain to you about taking too long, so, relax and do a thorough inspection .

except for the Realtors, but remember your working for the client…


Take off your watch, and leave it in your vehicle.

I still remember my first, as if it was yesterday. I was my own worst enemy. I began to hurry, because I felt I was taking too long. Failed to take some key pictures. Didn’t realize until reviewing them while writing the report. Luckily, the home was vacant, and I regained access the following morning to acquire them.

Point being, my client had no problems with time. No Realtor present. I rushed myself, out of my own inexperience. Take your time. When you are done, do a final walk through. You may just find something obvious you missed by being too focused on things.

And relax… have fun… the first is intimidating, but extremly satisfying !!!


Thanks for all your support and I’ll remember to take my time, take lots of pics and relax.

We’ll… HI HO HI HO its off to work i go HI HO HI HO HI HO \:D/

Good luck Tom! You’ll do fine…

Inventory all your tools and equipment before you leave. :wink:

That IS a good one Doug! After loosing two Protimeter Minis:shock:, I bought a Pelican case with the pic-n-pluck interior foam. Now if I see an empty spot in the case I know to find the tool befor I leave.

Well the first one is done, it all went well,with many more to go. Didn’t loose any tools and the customer was very happy with my findings and they’re going back to renegotiate the price.

Thanks Again everyone.

Good for you, Tom. Glad it went well.

(You did remember to get **paid **right?)!!!


Great… didn’t lose any tools but forgot the cheque…NOT


It’s all good, my friend. Let us know if you need help on your report. Don’t forget to share pictures. We’re kinda funny about that. :wink:

All the wood on the front of the house was rotting away. See pics

Gotta love the recent attempt (within last year?) to hide it with the caulk and paint. :roll: