First phone call

I just started my inspection business and just received my first phone call asking if I do residential inspections for mortgage transactions. Since the only inspections I have done are for home buyer’s and not for a specific lending institution I have to ask - is ther anything I should be aware of before I accept this type of work?


Kirk Datwyler
Datwyler Inspection Service’s L.L.C.

Say yes to everything, it’s the only way to build up your experience, credentials, and find out what you like and don’t like to do

That was my gut instinct, just wanted to be sure - thanks!

I have received quite a few referrals from loan officers for inspections. Usually they have their client call me, sometimes not, but the inspection is the same as if any other full standard home inspection. Loan officers are a great source for inspection leads.

Agree. They are, usually, the first people that the home buyer comes in contact with.

And sadly, very few InterNACHI members market to even their own bank officers!!!

Last year I demonstrated on this message board how I was able to get a bunch of inspections for my local chapter members with only 2 short meetings with 1 local bank. I don’t know how many jobs it eventually lead to, but more than a dozen were bank-owned foreclosures that I convinced them to have inspected as part of their collateral protection program.

Bank officers are a great way for refferals. I get alot of inspections from loan officers and bank people. There great.