First post, general information about inspector education


I currently am enrolled in a local community college intro to real estate course. It’s ok, I just cant see myself associating with the usual clueless realator. It seems most are just clueless in general. Rant off.

I recently have purchased a home in Long Beach, CA. I currntly have a great FT gig right now, I work at a local rocket company. I have been picking my realator’s mind about doing inspections as a PT gig. She seems to think I would do well

I am curious as to what education is required/preferred to get ones foot in the door. I am a pretty handy guy with a strong fabrication background as well as a stickler for detail. I figured inspection would be right up my alley. Is it an apprentance type of thing? Are there online courses? Is formal schooling necessary?

Thanks, any info would help huge.


Online courses are formal. And yes, you need initial education and continuing education forever.

Online courses are great if you have actually seen the items in person so you understand what you are looking at. If you have never seen the inside of an electrical panel a furnace or any of the other inner workings of construction (and that doesn’t mean walking through the new construction home being built down the road), then you need more education than you can get online. It is great for refreshers or keeping abreast of new techniques or standards but without that tactile experience you get in person, you are behind from the start.

Lesson 2. A Realtor® is a member of the National Association of Realtors® and not just a real estate salesperson. Get your terminology correct before you insult your largest source of referrals.

All, thanks for the replies. Steve, how is that presidential apporval rating working out for you?

Let me give you a lesson, never mix politics and women with work.

Ok, the plan forward is to find someones wing to tuck under, get some “hands on training”, suppliment it with the online courses. To the first poster, thanks I apprciate the help.

And trust me, I know that learning is an ongoing thing.

TIA, David

I guess being an ignorant boob won’t help you either. Both my comments were on the mark regarding your question. Politcs? Women? Get a clue.

No worries Stephen… he appearantly fell for the oldest con in the REA’s book…

I couldn’t begin to tell you how many newbies come here and make this claim. Most of them don’t last the first year.

I’m sure our “newest CMI” will be here shortly to tell you differently.

Doing many of the NACHI courses is a great way to start .
mentoring with another inspector sure shortens the time spent in increasing your knowledge and the success rate of surviving in this industry.

Email me your phone number and time for me to call if you want to talk.
All the best… Roy