first time home buyer seminar

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I have an opportunity to participate in a “first time home buyer seminar” where the real estate agent would invite first time buyers to a seminar. The agent would make a presentation, followed by a mortgage specialist, then a home inspector… myself.

Would you have any useful ideas for me, the home inspector, as to what areas of interest really work well.

I usually like to use the “home as a balloon” analogy but no doubt there are many other interesting thoughts. Would look forward to your views

thanks in advnace

john marston
The Financial Toolbox, certified home inspections

**“First Time Home Buyer Seminars” **is not a new invention. But these events are always staged by Realtors only during times when market activities are slow, or when agents are looking for hard to come by purchasers. These meetings are simply self-serving.

The one and only reason for inviting mortgage brokers or home inspectors is to make these gatherings appear more interesting, and because guest speakers do not dare to charge for their appearances.

In the eighties I have participated in countless such gatherings to promote my service. I prepared a 10 minute text which outlined the purpose and limitations of pre-purchase home inspections in general and to create goodwill for myself. After that I invited and answered questions from the floor for another five minutes.

I have no proof that the exercise has ever resulted in requests for home inspections from participants of these events.


I’ve done it. Put a lot of time into preparation. It was a waste of my time. I never heard from the buyers or the agent again.

I have been involved in of 3 of them also, 2 put on by agents and 1 by a bank, the bank had the best turnout about 20 people, the other 2 very poor turn out less than 4 people at each one. In my opinion just a waste of time, can’t remember getting any work from any of them.

Do it properly, read the SOP.
That will give them all the info they need and what they can expect.

I have done 8 and all for banks. I have had good success with them. I tell them about myself and about the process. I would always give an example of why they need an inspection. I will always give somthing with My name on it as well. Pen or pad or even a pamphlet. I always do a question and answer. Some one told me once to only be about five minutes when talking or you will lose 50% of your audience. Just a thought.

then its a good thing it only takes a few minutes to go over the SOP.

I have done four and they all went great .
One we where limited to 15 minutes and the coffee and cookies . Two asked me questions after coffee and away we went for another 20 minutes . The lawyer pulled me aside and asked me to come into his office . I did he tuned up my business registration and has sent about 20+ inspections to us over the last 8 years .
We got inspections from every one of the seminars .
remember smile be happy that is extremely contagious .
Send me your phone number and a good time to call and I will try to give you more pointers.

John I am asking you reach out to several Ontario members.

Leonard Inkster and the OntarioACHI senior members might make this a great support tool for you.

There is no better way for the brokerage and mortgage company’s to see home inspectors up front and break some myths and confusion.

Please think about this.
We are entering a new era of transparency and education.
The OntarioACHI is the first of it kind and forward thinking along with MCIQ following a INACHI chapter Canadian lead.
Could you tell everyone about the location also. They can share this with there clients.
Thank you.
Robert Young
MCIQ INACHI chapter founder.