Fitting for copper and plastic

Would this be an approved fitting to use for cooper and plastic? This was leaking but it was at the soldered connection.

175411 063.jpg

I think it is call a push connect, they do make them . I would just write it up to repair the leak and go on from there . Was there any more used

Yes, by the laundry. Those were leaking big time but not at the fittings.
Supposedly Fannie May fixed the plumbing, But I do not think so.

One pic is behind the beautiful cabinet concealing portions of the piping. Told client to direct that finishing to the trash.

LOL got to love that kinda of stuff.
I just refer all to a License Plumber Looks like it needs a make over lol

Based on your photos alone, it’s hard to know if “approved” because no markings are visible.**

"P2608.1 Identification. Each length of pipe and each pipe fitting,
trap, fixture, material and device used in a plumbing system
shall bear the identification of the manufacturer.

P2608.4 Third-party testing and certification.** All plumbing
products and materials shall comply with the referenced standards,
specifications and performance criteria of this code and
shall be identified in accordance with Section P2608.1. Where
required by Table P2608.4 “supply system components” is in the table],
plumbing products and materials
s***hall either be tested by an approved third-party testing agency
or certified by an approved third-party certification agency***.

**Commentary: **This section has been revised to require that all plumbing
products and materials comply with the referenced
the code has been revised to include specific
requirements for third-party certification and testing of
plumbing products. Table P2608.4 lists these requirements.
“Third-party certified” indicates that the minimum
level of quality required by the applicable standard
is maintained and the product is often referred to as
“listed.” …Although the code does not specifically state the
identification or marking requirements except for the
manufacturer’s identification, the applicable referenced
standard states the minimum information required.
The identification or marking requirements typically
include the name of the manufacturer, product
name or serial number, installation specifications, applicable
tests and standards, testing agency and labeling
agency. Commentary Figure P2608.4 below] shows an
example of a typical label for PVC plastic pipe."


P.S. It’s important to note that “tested” does not mean the product passed the test. If you simply see a manufacturer label saying “3rd party tested” you could dig deeper and ask for documentation indicating it passed. In this case, however, a 3rd party certification is actually required.

The color is wrong for a push connect.

Looks like all copper and maybe crimped.

Need more info.

They make copper ones. They are called shark bite fittings and they sell them at lowes…

Looks like the right color to me. Clean your glasses perhaps??

I’ve got Shark Bites caps that I carry. None of those are copper like in the photo. I also don’t see the plastic ring that would be present on those or push connect. Most likely crimped like Michael said.

Micheal is probably right , I could not see to much from the picture . Lon and short it is leaking at the copper side so it will have to be replaced .

Is it a Pipe Thread Fitting?

Are you color blind or just blind?

How many fingers am I holding up?

Thanks Bruce, appreciatte the link.

Oh i was right lolol Thanks Bruce

Looking to confirm my suspicions. Does this look to be a passive Radon system. There was no fan in the attic? The larger pipe is 4" PVC routed through the attic and exiting the roof. The cover to the sump pump and pipe exiting appears to be sealed. But if you look close there is a gap between the cover and concrete floor. I don’t any other reason to have the sump vented.

Most likely a attempt at it anyway . Should be sealed .

If I am not mistaken it is a copper to cpvc fitting.
It takes a special glue but it is common in Montreal home box stores.
Pex has the same type of fitting only internal and clamp, not external ( meaning out side gets glued to copper fitting. )
With pex it compression and clamp fittings.
Copper male barbed fitting inters pex and is crimp-clamped.
copper fitting for cpvc -cpvc is inserted into copper female after being glued and held for 10-20 seconds.

I hope this helps.
I have been looking at pex and polyB.
Here is a link that should answer your question about that linkage.,r:6,s:0