What do you call this?

This is a fitting (see pic) joining plex and copper. It just pushes together, no clamp, no adhesive. Is this a good way to make the connection?


See this:

and this:


That’s a fitting, nearly identical to the way the air lines connect for tractor-trailer brakes. They seem to work well in that application. :mrgreen:

Thanks my friend. You guys are good…and fast. The link was most helpful but I still don’t see how it works and don’t leak.

This may help you to understand.


Thanks Michael, that was very helpful.

Just stay away from electrical,or you will freak out on that site.

Not endorsing the site. It’s just where I found the cut away.:wink:

It’s a U.K. site for those who have’nt seen it. 240 VAC, 50 Hz:-)

I have not seen “quick release” fittings for copper/pex, although they may exist. Check with a plumbing supply house.

I have seen “compression” fittings. Some use a “ferrel”. You push in the pipe/hose and then tighten the nut.

Are they similiar to compression fittings?