PVC-Copper-Galvanized connection???

I have not seen this before.

Any info?




WOW! glued to plastic ,New to me I do not like this in the least .
I would write this up for sure …
Thanks… Roy

Welcome Home glad to see you again .

I did write it up, but I was wondering if anyone has ever seen anything like this before?

That is all one piece. At the water heater it needs to have at the least a rubber washer to keep the copper from touching the galvanized.

At the supply end… I just don’t know… What is keeping the connection from leaking???

I have been looking for a connector online I believe has a PVC sleeve inside the copper and looks like the one in your picture. Maybe it was a dream because I cant find it.

I would think PVC glued to copper would leak as soon as the presure hit it

I posted a few threads ago about a copper to plastic fitting maybe this thread has some useful info.

David I remember that push connect but I think there is a glue-able fitting available

I thought I had seen one like you describe too but could not find an example.

there’s nothing to write up about those fittings. They are just copper water heater risers. One end has a CPVC socket to glue and the other is female iron pipe thread to screw onto water heater nipples.


Look I an going to post that have seen this before and its OK from what I have understood from that construction box store guy.
Take my word, you would be a fool if you did. I have no proof at the moment…
This is why I posted about pex and polyB.
I see more and more plastic plumbing coming into Canada. I looked at fitting meant to be glued, copper to cpvc, pex to copper and so on.
The different glues and there color coding for materials they adhere to.
My best guess.
Just commenting.

If this copper stub has an internal sleeve of CPVC that crimped and sealed to the copper I see no problem with the use of this device with a compatible CPVC solvent.

There you are Michel.
You made me think with your remark about my post one day and it left me wondering.
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That is not the case, My mother tong is English BUT I did scratch my head as you are doing now in your INCHI photo.
I had the AH HA moment 3 weeks back I think, when it came to me.
I have done construction 35 plus years now. All or mostly with French Canadians and other nationalities.
When you translate French to English the sentence is structured in a way is almost being worded backwards.
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Get that in your face 35 years and patterns happen.
Yes I see how my written word sounds when I have had been talked to in a almost backwards relationship to the English language.
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Thank you Michel.
I have heard that from several people until I was 40 years old. Not now though…
Last part to the puzzle. Dyslexic.
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It is almost over now thank God and I am working HARD… The visuals are subsiding… I well work harder because of you and now understand a little better about my habits.
Thank you for making me see something in my personal life that I can now work on for correction.
If you could only comprehend what it is like growing up at 14 after the accident, seeing the written word backwards and the educators of my time at a lose for understanding.
I excelled at most everything I did.
Thanks Mate. Good on you.

No problem Robert.

Nobody likes being misunderstood.

Your posts are a bit of challenge sometimes. :wink:

It looks like the CPVC is to close to the Exhaust vent though, and possible the gas line behind it too?

I understand totally and will work harder to make them better.
They are mostly conserved on the fly, so to speak Michel.
I am usually multi-tasking.
Thanks… Robert

This is the only adapter I have used or seen to go from CPVC to copper.


Never use pvc in this area . It never looks safe to me when it comes to heat . And that gas line looks rather close to the vent .

That vent should not be to hot. Its a mufti purpose or duel-vent from what I see. The cpvc 90 angle is almost up against the vent.
The pipe has an inner pipe.
2 pipes in one.
The outer is for cold air for combustion and the inner is for the hot exhaust fumes.
There will be no heat issues.
The cpcv should be no problem on that setup.

I dont think so.