Nationwide Loan Inspections

I ran across an ad in the InterNACHI December home inspector newletter for Nationwide Loan Inspections.

Has anyone signed up for this and done any of their inspections? Is it worth while to get involved in?

I signed up with them a few months back. To date I’ve not had one call from them. However, since their recommended starting price is $45. You can set your fee by zip code. I set my fee on a sliding scale the farther away the higher the price.

I tried signing up, but their system wouldn’t accept my email address.

I had been doing inspections for them since 2007, but they got so slow in paying that I split ways with them a couple of months ago.

I have done a few since August for them. 15 minutes on site, 15 minutes doing report.

It has now been 46 days that I am waiting to get paid. Very slow pay.

I have been doing them for a few years. $50 for a stop by & take a few photos and upload. easy money between whole house inspections.

Thank you guys for all your replies. Hope you and your families have a great Holiday and a Happy New Year.

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I did a job for them for 1st time in Nov. I just got my 50 recently and I deposited. I recieved notice the check rejected Not Sufficient Funds! This was just a few days ago. I was not gonna post out here but since I was googling to see if there was a issue with them I stumbled on this post. They also just yesterday sent me another request to return to the same site. My wife called them yesterday they did say sorry and they would give me the and any fees I incurred so I will do this job today. However I am concerned now to a point. But job is close and its just $50 it won’t ruin me. Mistakes happen so I will not be negative yet.

I thought we all got paid up front before we do any inspection, so why cater to insurance companies? Require to be paid first, or pass.

They were quick to fix it and paid the bank fees. Honest mistake. I’ve Been doing them since 2010. I wouldn’t say slow to pay . Normal for commercial . 30 days

Since this was my first time doing such a thing and I did think it was interesting and easy I would love for it to be a simple mistake and continue doing this sort of thing. I have seen other messages where folks mention many many jobs coming there way. I would love it. So I definitely am not being negative just sharing experience.