Five Field Inspections in Illinois


I just finished my pre-licensing courses and am ready to start the required five field inspections.

Does anyone have any availability over the next couple of weeks in the Chicagoland area?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Corey. If you’d like to return the $100,000+ in money you stole from us and damage you left in our unfinished house and rent we absorbed while we tried to finish our house on our own (at present we still don’t have a full occupancy approval), we’d be very grateful. I can’t imagine why you stopped communicating with us after your wedding to Katie, after pocketing so much of our money and lying about everything about our house, but you surely should own up and make the situation right. Regardless, we’re working with the police and the state to come after you, and you know where we live if you’d like to proactively come to us and work out a resolution.

And if anyone else on this forum wants to contact me for information about Corey, about the quality of the work he did on our house before abandoning the job and running off with our money, please IM me and I will give you the details and information on our police report in Glenview. I think that information might be pertinent before anyone considers allowing this guy to inspect anything.

Former business entities to use when looking for info on Corey:

CHG Construction
Big City Construction Services, Inc. (not to be confused with Big City Construction, Inc. which is a legitimate business)
Corey Harris Gullion (his full name)

Jeff Harrison
Glenview, IL
Corey’s project timeframe: December 2016 - May 2017 (when he ran off and stopped responding to us)

I take this to mean you did not use him as a home inspector since he’s still training but for something else??

Happy Labor Day Dan! :slight_smile:

Reported Post by cgullion

Reported Post by cgullion

Correct. He was actually the GC on our house project, but after he abandoned the project and we started getting harassed by unpaid subcontractors, we learned a lot more about what he was doing with our money (not building our house, obviously).

I assume that he realized he wouldn’t be able to get more work in this area with us pursuing him, and with the various other businesses and crews he stiffed (doing a legal records search on his name turns up a few judgments against him), he shifted careers to get into inspections.

It’s probably relevant to his abilities as an inspector that the main staircase he built in our house had so many code violations (per the village inspectors and one other 3rd-party expert) we had to have it torn out and rebuilt. And he made significant mistakes in the framing and sheathing that cornered us into a very expensive insulation path. He also mis-sized our HVAC system (or let it be mis-sized by his chosen HVAC installer)

Our legal case against him is still developing, but since he and his new wife (his second marriage wedding was the weekend he completely cut off communication with us) still live in the area, it’s not all that much work to keep tracking him down to try to get some measure of justice.

Our house, meanwhile, is still not complete – I keep chipping away at the things I can finish, and we’re saving up to complete some the larger things he left unfinished (or that he destroyed).

Sorry to clutter your forum, but every professional fraternity deserves to know who they’re helping.