Home inspector who stole property sentenced

Home Inspector who stole property sentenced

I could never do such a thing. Glad he got sentenced. Going to do a 1 year sentence on every weekend till 2016 than 5 years probation.

“Your work history is good,” the judge said. “From my first day on the bench I learned you can’t go into other people’s houses and steal things. I hope you are able to keep your job and the things you have worked for.”

Yeah, good luck with that one. Who the hell is going to hire a convicted thief to inspect a house? This guy better start looking for work.

Yea excatly. Good Luck no one will hire a convicted felon. Most retail shops wouldn’t hire him due to stealing property. Its not worth it.

Gotta have that REA on site to let you in, to save the liability of all parties.

That is one good thing about licensed states, you can’t get one if you’re a convicted felon.

Now in unlicensed states who would ever know if an inspector is a felon or not?

MD is a licensed state.

Unless you are in Texas which is a licensed State! :roll:

What difference is there between a licensed HI state, and one that is not?


Most often it is up to the REA to recommend a home inspector. Why they continue to recommend the cheap, basic HI’s? Because they are afraid of losing a sale, getting low sales numbers, losing their place in the office, losing their reputation as a high sales producer, etc.

The NAR should make HI requirements for every office in every state. This would save licensed states millions of dollars. IMO, every REA office should suggest CMI inspectors only. This alone would weed-out many basic, soft report writing HI’s.

Fingerprinting and background checks…

Good point, Roy. Our industry is headed in this direction. Every HI must be prepared for the day when all REA offices will make requirements to any tradesperson who associates with any REA in any REA office, or has business transactions with any of their clients/buyers.

Insurance companies will soon change the way we all do business, due to increased chance of terrorism, shootings, increased liability, etc. States are heading in these directions also, for the protection of their voters. Laws will be created, special ID’s for tradespeople, proof of insurance, etc.

I’m not sure what was going through his head when he stole the item(s). Why would you give up a career top do that.
I wonder if he was barely scraping by due to low fees or lack of work. This has never been a thought in my head even. I am there to do my job and leave.
He is really screwed now, No one will want to hire him once they find out what he has done.

He was probably working for the Five Brothers; $6 an hour could turn an honest guy into a thief.

one douche & let’s change the industry, gmab

man have you fallen off your rocker & gone canadian with “nar should make hi requirements for every office in every state”

you sure you want that?
you always spout how well you think trec/tar works in tx

same old whine & same can be said of cmi…cmi does not assure competence it assures someone bought or was given an imagined designation

c’mon down there’s plenty of work for the willing

Yup, he won’t be able to keep his license here, what a moron.

That is some funny stuff right there!!

Exactly, that’s why I posted (#5) “good thing about a licensed state”.

But he can move to Kansas or Missouri and open up shop tomorrow.

Texas requires fingerprinting and still will issue a license to a convicted Felon.

Or move to Texas!

reread #7 & 17

no mention of felon…below is actual trec disciplinary example that’s still licensed, inspecting & nachi member

Agreed reprimand of professional inspector.
Agreed administrative penalty of $1,000.00.
Respondent performed a real estate inspection and, without authorization, took personal property which belonged to the owner of the inspected property.


That’s fu.

Must know people in high places. Or that’s Texas way of disciplinary action.

Nick/nachi has his back & appears to endorse such behavior

another imagined designation free to all members

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