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Post: Five Field Inspections in Illinois
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did you marry Katie yes or no?

Quite interesting! It is possible but how many people in the Chicago area spell their name “Corey Gullion”? Did you ever own a business called Big City Construction Services, Inc.?

I guess he’s busy… thousands of people see this.
Is this YOU?

If it isn’t him and/or isn’t true he should be getting with Nick and Legal Team to pursue the person who is attempting to use the INACHI BB to extort an innocent person.

If it is true then Nick and crew needs to get involved since it is not something that the Association should be linked to or associated with. It would only drag down the INACHI image.

But! The dual thermometer is pretty cool.
Katie & Corey’s Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry

Yes I saw that as well. Maybe a GoFundMe page would be more useful at this time?? :wink:

The page has quickly “mysteriously” disappeared… :shock:
Haven’t checked GoFundMe…

The page has quickly “mysteriously” disappeared… :shock:
Haven’t checked GoFundMe…

Hmmm yes mysteriously I see. Given the sad state of a lack of intelligence in this country the GoFundMe page might already have reached its $500K goal and been removed too? :shock: