FL License renewal, what 2 “CEU” course

:shock: FL License renewal, what 2 “CEU” course is available for wind mitt for license the renewal?


That and 5 bucks and poof you are an insyta pro for another 2 years. Thats what I did. I took the course years ago and did not have to do anything but pay my five bucks.

Anyone still want to try to tell me it is not just about revenue???

Yeah I am sure the clients feel so secure about the people they hire now days, I mean 5 bucks is a lot of cash and if someone can pony that up they must be good???

I have taken this class, back in 2010. So I just retake it? for the 2 ceu’s required to renew state license for 2014 cycle? Already have 12 ceu’s extra for the license renewal? 14 are required, correct?

Mike M I see you took it in 2012, what is the deal with the 5 dollars?

thanks in advance, for your input.

Take the course now and you will get the required ceus for this licensing period. And for whatever reason, the State is only charging 5 dollars to renew.

thanks Eric, I believe this will make at least 5 different courses over several years. including 3 put on by York. Including the MSF days.