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I was recently notified by my local county that my occupational license will not be renewed with out my state license. I notified my local representative and this was his response.

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Dear Mr. Keiper:
Thank you for your patience in hearing back from my office. I have received information from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation regarding your issue. I have been informed by DBPR that a state license is not issued for home inspectors at this time. There is a law requiring issuance of a home inspector license that goes into effect June 1, 2010.
However, at this point, the Legislature has not funded this new licensing category, and it will possibly be repealed due to the budget shortfall.
It is my hope this information will be helpful to you. Please call upon me if I may be of further assistance.
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Please note: Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials regarding state business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure.

It sounds like your county personnel is misinformed.

Hey Scott,

Thanks for posting the good news! To me the best thing would be for the bill to rot in bill purgatory never seeing the light of day and preventing any new bills from being introduced, but repeal is a great 2nd choice.

I agree

I’ll drink to that.

I’m going out and getting plastered.
And I don’t drink.

Isn’t ironic that the original bill had nothing to do with home inspectors. Senator Wise who introduced the bill did so because a home hos mother purchased has a defective appliance that he felt was the inspector’s fault.

And if the bill was to be repealed… It is because of the fiscal crisis and the lack of funding, it is almost like we don’t exist or show up on anyone’s radar. Home inspectors = Mr. Cellophane. :smiley:

That was how a home Inspection licensing ordinance was brought into being in Escambia county (since been repealed). A croney / friend of one of the old indicted County Commissioners (he resembled Boss Hog) lost his butt on a home he was trying to sell and an out of State inspector who the buyer knew came over, did the inspection for him for free (they were friends) and tore the house apart because it was a POS. He (the seller) complained bitterly to his buddy the Country Commissioner. The local Builders’ Cabal got into the action when they got wind of it and pushed it from their side and it went through in one of the commissioners famous midnight sessions when no one from the public was around to denounce it. This was all brought up on how it was run through, favors were given, and how it was not done IAW State law (Sunshine law). The fact that 4 of the five Country Commissioners were later brought up on charges by the State’s Attorney helped. The fifth guy was completely clueless and it saved his butt. Small town politics and back door deals is a way of life here and most everywhere. BTW boss hog is sitting in prison right now. We have had a number of local politicians get to sit in the cross bar hotel for bribery, corruption, racketeering over the past few years. One of the other Commissioners was found dead under his house in the crawlspace just before he was to testify against Boss Hog in bribery case. They deemed it suicide. Many of us are sceptical.