Fl SOP Draft

I am pretty sure that it says somewhere that you have to give a reason why something was not inspected.
On all of the inspections I do where the home is occupied, this is in the report:
Items limiting inspection: Yes. Storage, personal items observed in various areas of the home blocking access to several areas of walls, baseboards, receptacles, windows and vanities.

If the client signs our online contracts and it states that they have viewed our license at www.myfloridalicense.com or on our website fulfill the requirement to show it?
(3) The inspector is not required to activate any system or appliance that is shut down,
disconnected, or otherwise rendered inoperable. Yeah something that is correct [FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT]

What does this mean? “b) Specifying repairs, provided the inspector is appropriately qualified and willing to do so”

But we have to do it for wind mitigations? How is that legal for the O>I>R to say we must if the below is true?
“(3) The inspector is not required to enter or traverse any under-floor crawl space or attic, if in the
opinion of the inspector:
(a) An unsafe or unsanitary condition exists.
(b) Enter areas in which inadequate clearance exists to allow the inspector safe entering or
© The potential exists to cause damage to insulation, ductwork, other components or stored

How do we take pictures for wind mits if “(5) The inspector is not required to disturb insulation”

The SOP has nothing to do with insurance inspections.

Yeah but if if it not safe or advisable to do something for a home inspection how is it ok to do it for an O.I.R. inspection?

Sounds to me like a “double standard”…

Which is why the HI law needs to be changed to read that home inspectors are allowed to do all inspections whether they are insurance inspections or not.
Then the SoP will apply to all inspections.

Of course, we get back to the fact that it says “not required”.

So now it goes back to what is each inspector going to do?
The SoP is nothing new, at least to me.
You can exceed the SoP.

(4) These standards shall not be construed as limiting the scope of the inspection process in those
areas where the inspector is qualified and/or has special knowledge.

Exactly…was just getting ready to post. Good post. Basically if you are qualified you can do anything you want

You do not need an HI license to do Wind Mits…therefor do not have to follow HI SOP if you are doing Wind Mits under your GC license. Now if you use your HI license I cant see how you dont have to follow sop

That’s why it gives the appearance of a double standard to me. If I’m to perform a wind mitigation and follow the HI SOP then, why shouldn’t everyone performing a wind mitigation follow the same SOP? Shouldn’t the homeowner be granted the same protections while having the same type of inspection performed? After all, aren’t SOP’s written with the best interest of everyone involved?

Thats why there probably should be an exclusion for insurance inspections. $1k fine for no pre-agreement on a $100 wind mit. One day could costme $12k

You’re right. Maybe that should be one of the changes proposed for sure.

Like I said, make home inspectors the only ones to do any inspection that pertains to a home. Then, the SoPs will apply to all inspections.

Sounds simple to me!

By law the definition of a Home inspection is not a Wind Mitigation or 4 point. Wind mits and four points do not have to follow the HI SOP.

You’re probably correct as it is now written I guess. Personally, I think an inspection performed for a fee for whatever reason or purpose (insurance, first time homebuyer, warranty) should all be viewed and measured by the same “yardstick”. If we are being paid to perform an inspection, it shouldn’t matter what the end product is being used for. Just MHO that’s all…


No they are not, and never in my best interests or so it seems.

Yeah then the Evil Contractors will really get screwed real good. First 7000 instant experts to do the job we have been doing now just throw out the real experts. It would not surprise me one bit.

MOST contractors do not know anything about inspections!!! We will be going to one this week where the GC did not know what he was doing. We got the call while I was reading this thread. The customer saved $10 then will have to pay us anyway. Without PROPER training nobody should do ANY inspections. :twisted:

Here we go…another 10 pages of an oncoming rant!:mrgreen:

Mike, you are still a home inspector aren’t you?:roll:

At the moment :slight_smile:

I do not have much love for this profession and the morons who make decisions about it.

Problem is wouldnt the Sop be for the license (HI)? just a thought. Seems to me without wording excluding a specific part, it would apply to all operations