Florida SOP Reports

Currently my SOP in in-bedded into the headers of each section of my report. This tells the client what I am going to do and what I am not going to do. I was attempting to do the same with the Florida SOP and realized that it made my report FIVE pages longer than previous reports. The Florida SOP is published as a number outline. I switched it to bullet points to save space but still end-up with five additional pages. I send them the SOP with my contract but like it in the report. How are you handling it?

If I do any I will post a link on my website to it then amend my contract to have them say that they have read and understand the SOP. I do the same with my license. Not sure how kosher it is but that will be my plan unless I hear it is a dumbass idea. What do you think? I would think having them sign saying they have read it should be enough?

It is included in the first six or seven pages of my report.

Do you include the proposed SOP in your mold report as well ? I never thought of adding the sop to a report, many reports are over 25 pages / 50 pages /100 pages and we never use the "fluff " that some use from the labs / just analysis page(s). SOP with agreement makes sense. Providing a link to SOP may work too, since most reports are sent thru the net. SOP shouldn’t be important except to “out” the competition that doesn’t follow it. I really never thought about adding it to a report, but it may help inform the public.

I don’t do mold, so no.

I have always had the sop in my reports for the simple reason, that no matter what software I use, it takes me less than a minute to generate the pre-inspection agreement, which includes the sop, contract and a copy of my license. I can also have the client sign the agreement on my phone if they haven’t sent one back to me or brought one to the inspection.

John I copied and pasted it into word and cleaned it up a little, and just appended the full SOP PDF at the end of my reports.

Ok I don’t travel these posts much lately so I thought the Florida SOP is in review and still not launched? Not correct?
Can someone provide a copy of said SOP if its in effect.

Does anyone have a cleaned up copy of the SOP. So that it’s not 25 pages long. If so I would appreciate it. Tropicarehomes@gmail.com

I know that it is an increasingly litigious world that we live in and maybe posting our SOP in our contracts is a good thing?- Just thinking though, How many heart surgeons have their SOP for performing heart surgery included in the paperwork that we sign as patients? How many HVAC contractors have their SOP for doing an HVAC change out in their contract? When getting our vehicles serviced, how many service shops tell us in writing how they are going to change the oil in our vehicles? Where does it stop? Again, just thinking.

The can of worms has already been open and spilled it will not stop.


Im with you on this point. When is the last time you used a professional who is certified or licensed by the state that showed you his or her license or SOP.
Its all crap in my book, but that being said I just try to keep within the lines

The difference there is most people understand what a successful oil change is and there is usually a discussion about a surgery and the risks before it happens. Drs are sued the most .


Off topic but what PDF fill program you use?


I see your point but its not valid. Plumbers, electricians and other trades are licensed and Im positive the average homeowner has no clue if what they are paying for is correct. That’s the stuff we find.
Also, hundreds of other professions require license but again, and mabey Im wrong, but have yet to see someone say here is my license and my standards for doing my job. That seems to be the moniker of the home inspector.

Thanks, Jritter

Thank you for the link John.


Best $20 you can spend in my opinion. The free tools alone are worth the price :slight_smile:

Good luck. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions.

I am in no way affiliated with them in any way shape or form. I just love the product :slight_smile:

I have acrobat 10 or something and do not even bother with it. Big pain in the a s s compared to pdfill in my opinion.

Are the Sop for Florida and nachi the same? Or should I just use the Florida dbpr sop?

I do not know But I know if working in Florida than Florida does not care what NACHI says. I would make sure your follow Florida Dumb A S S SOP First.