FL. Wind Mit question

I just did a wind mit and am confused. Some say that is easy for me. The OSB plywood is 7/16 inch thick, the shiners I found are measuring 1 3/4 inch long (showing through bottom of plywood). 6d nails are 2 inches long and 8d nails are 2 1/2 inches long. From my experience in building, the thickness looks like 6d. If they are then the head must have penetrated the OSB by 3/16 inch. If they are 8d, I should be seeing a hair over 2 inches. What would you say I am looking at?

How about a photo of that shiner? Not all 8d nails are 2.5" long.

Sounds like a 7D nail to me

6D & 7D commons are usually the same thickness (.099 Diam). But like Brad said some 8D nails are 2.375"

Nail chart: http://www.bestmaterials.com/PDF_Files/Senco-n_chart.pdf



How do you get a URL for an image? Why can’t you just attach a picture without a URL? A friend helped me put it in BOX and got a URL from that. Is that what you have to do? I’m new to this forum. Please let me know if the image is viewable the way I did it. Thanks for the help guys.


Hey Marc, all I got was my picture with no comment. Am I missing something?

706.7.1 Roof decking attachment for site-built single family residential structures.
For site-built single-family residential structures the fastening shall be in accordance with Section 706.7.1.1 or 706.7.1.2 as appropriate for the existing construction. 8d nails shall be a minimum of 0.113 inch (2.9 mm) in diameter and shall be a minimum of 2 1/4 inches (57 mm) long to qualify for the provisions of this section for existing nails regardless of head shape or head diameter.

Thanks, I would say these are 8d then.

Yeah Mike :slight_smile:
You can depend on Brad for correct info.
And welcome!

Also if the roof was redone after 2008 then it is most likely 8d nail

That nail is not likely to be a retrofit nail, and if it was, it isn’t the right nail.

Me bad! Didn’t see the link to the photo. Yep! 6d nail

Nope. It’s considered an 8d nail on the 1802. These screw shank nails were used (and sold to framers) as compliant sheathing nails throughout the 90’s, even though they are a bit short. They are not to be used for retrofitting after 10/01/2007…only full 8d ring-shank.