Roof Truss Nail Size

I am new and this was my first mock wind mitigation inspection and was unsure about the nail size shown in the image. Any advice would be appreciated, they look like 5d nails to me.

Typically, it is 1/3 through the item being attached and 2/3 into the wood being attached to.

It may be different in FL.

Thanks Larry, yes Florida is different with high winds etc. The nails pictured are I assume roof nails but I could not see any shiners anywhere so how do you verify nails size to the truss etc. it’s a small roof and I couldn’t find any shiners on the accessible trusses. Never seen that before so unsure how to write it up if not verified. It’s a 1998 roof original and has double wraps.

I’m in N. MI, so I’m nit familiar with FL nailing…sorry.

No problem thank you.

You measured a deck nail not a “shiner”.
The spacing is less than 6 inches but nail size unknown if you could not find any.
Being from 1998 it depends what FL county you’re in if the roof gets a credit for being code compliant. If it’s in the HVHZ then credit OK.


Marc how do you measure the sheathing nail length without looking at/for a shiner…?
Inquiring redneck minds want to know…:rofl:

Also that is 5/8" plywood.

I guess I do no udder-stund.
I don’t measure sheath nails, just the roof deck attachment, most likely 6 or 8D.


Up your way they probably used


Thanks Mark, yes it is in the HVHZ

Hi John,

The Wind Mit form does not address the roof covering fasteners specifically, but they do ask if the work was permitted. It’s the roof-to-deck and roof- to-wall attachments that are questions on the form.

As Marc said, it sounds like your example meets the criteria for selection B under the roof covering Section if:
-it’s original roof built in 1997 or later
-there is a valid permit on file
-or you can verify it has a Miami-Dade Product Approval

If you’re not able to verify a “shiner” (the roof to deck attachment) Selection 3 - F: unknown or unidentified

Finally, if you don’t have a copy of the UMVI form you can get a copy at

Thank You Charles and everyone else for your advice, very much appreciated and learning all the time.

That is what a sheathing nail is.