Flashing a rubber roof chimney

What is the proper way to flash a chimney with a rubber roof? A counter flashing embedded in the masonry would be ideal, no? Pictures, illustrations, etc., would be great.

mfr may require more, minimum 8" roofing material up the chim-wall-parapet face

best practice: properly sealed imbedded spring flange reglet

never seen a termination strip used on masonry that didn’t leak

I agree …good catch

http://www.firestonebpe.com/media/27617/epdm%20tgl%20ch%205.pdf Page 54

I’m not a big fan of termination bars as they rely heavily on caulking to remain waterproof. The reglet (what firestone calls a counterflashing) is a better setup, but still relies on the condition of the masonry/grout to remain waterproof.

It looks like the membrane is starting to stretch and it should be mentioned that there may not be proper securement at the base of the chimney (see page 11 of the firestone document). Either that or the flashing was installed with wrinkles in the membrane.