Flashing across valley

First time seeing this on roof. My guess is to keep debris from traveling downward but not completely sure. It does have a small gap below for water flow but wouldn’t the debris backup impede the water flow? Not sure what to put on report or is it my place to say anything at all.

Do you have a picture from further back to post?


That looks like job security for the local Roofer.
I’ve had leaks in valleys that weren’t obstructed.


It’s a valley water diverter to disperse a stream/concentration of water so that it does not overshoot the gutter and create a waterfall, never seen those [never played in the rain]? Of course the problem with it is that it needs to be maintained, cleaned, due to surrounding trees. If poorly installed it can also direct water under the shingles and cause a leak. That’s what would go in my report.


From my desk, that looks like a handyman special.


Likely added to stop excessive water from hitting whatever is right below it. Which means it may have leaked or clogged or whatever previously.

Someone added to the valley for some reason, real or imagined.
Point it out, state that is non-traditional and what might happen (can’t tell, can’t see, etc. etc. ).


Valley Diverter flashing.
Capable of trapping debris and diverting roof water under shingles.

Any images further back?

Robert, you missed the unprotected (face fastened) screws/nails that are holding the diverter in place. come on Robert! the metal valley is not supposed to be penetrated so close to its center line.

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Exposed fasteners, potential for leakage, maintenance item to keep debris cleared.
Need more info and better picture from further back to see what’s going on.


I’ ve got him covered.

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You sound just like him. One Robert Young CMI is already a bucketful. I don’t think this message board can handle two.