Valley blocked by addition

Haven’t seen this before, how does the water drain out off valley. Does it turn left and go around or what ? How would you write this up ?

ParkCliff-BobDavis 234.JPG

ParkCliff-BobDavis 234.JPG

ParkCliff-BobDavis 231.JPG

ParkCliff-BobDavis 245.JPG

FUBAR. Simple one word description.
Is this a second layer roof. Is there step flashing at that sidewall- eave ?
Does the valley weaved shingles have any flashing or ice shield underneath thats visible from the bottom area where it meets the lower roof?
The shingles buckle a little bit at the bottom of the valley causing water to pool and not drain at that spot.
Any signs of leaks in attic or ceiling.
Guess a lot depends on age and if signs if leaks. Gonna leak eventually

Dead valley. Looks like a low slope roof to boot.

It looks like a definite pooling area, if it hasn’t leaked yet it probably will. I would call it out for correction by a licensed roofing contractor…

Everyone is right. Dead valley. The roof slope probably qualifies except at the valley. It’s missing headwall and sidewall flashing too. Evaluation and correction by a qualified roofing contractor. It’s going to need waterproof underlayment under that dead valley that extends up the wall far enough.

Looks 4/12 but the valley is less than a 4/12 remember.

“unprofessional/amateur workmanship observed at addition/roof intersection, conducive to water intrusion. Recommend repair by a Qualified Contractor”

I concur, amateurish, but would not go as far as the add-on unless you have seen all the workmanship.
Question. could a manufactured sidewall flashing detail allow downstream flow unobstructed?

Are woven valleys Amateurish.
can the roof deck be flashed and adjusted with metal flashing?

Responses in red, Mr. Young