Flashing defect?

Working on a new build site. builder has done this on every house. Never seen this flashing installed this way. Correct or wrong??

I can’t quite tell what portion of the roof this is but, the underlayment should lap over the drip edge at the eave and under the drip edge at the rakes

Typically the first course of shingle (starter course) will have the tabs cut away (or use a proper starter strip) then have the typical installation pattern over that. Again, I can’t quite tell what I’m looking at in the image.

Hope this helps.

Chad, the “Ice and Water Shield” goes on top of the drip edge at the eaves and under at the rake.

Happy inspecting. :smile:

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the flashing and water shield looks right but do the shingles hang past the edge of the drip edge?

How do you normally see it?

If that is what it appears to be, the top of offset shed roofs, then there should be a bead of roof cement under every layer and the drip edge over the underlayment.
Can’t figure out the background though.
An elevation pic would go a long way to help out.

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Welcome back Will.

I did not see that as a shed ridge when I posted before but I think you are correct.

Happy inspecting. :smile:

That appears to be the peak of a shed roof (with a step-down to the peak of a lower roof). The flashing should be installed in a manner that keeps water on top of the shingles, not directs it beneath them as shown. It’s improperly installed.

Thought we just need a bead of roofing tar, come on.

Something like this is needed:


Standard aluminum drip edge flashing.
Low slope roof. Is that the porch overhang?
As Marcel Cyr would state, roofing selvage paper on top. Mastic required for first several starter courses.