Flashing on Shed type roof

I inspected a home with three individual shed type roofs with fiberglass shingles. At the peak of each roof there was only drip edge flashing and no overlapping flashing of the shingles. As anyone seen this type of roof with overlapping flashing and if so, is there a name of the flashing and do you have a photo?

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At the top edge, the flashing can go over the top of all the shingles, but this often looks unfinished or funky, especially if it’s a dark shingle and a plain galvanized flashing or a copper flashing or if it’s a dark flashing on a light or bright colored roof. The solution then is to set the flashing over the top edge of the shingles that just reach the top edge and then set another course of trimmed shingles over the flashing to cover it up. This will keep any water over the working shingles and still provide a clean, finished look.

Jeff’s got it.

You may have more of a problem than flashing. It looks like to me that this roof is not a 4/1 or greater pitch.

And? I believe the minimum is 2:12 with proper underlayment.

That is correct, two layers of underlayment or full coverage of ice and water shield or equivalent. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Jeffrey. The pitch is adequate. The photo was taken at an angle.


How was the flashing at the wall intersection?