Flashing installed above exterior light

Now this is the first time I have seen this. Why use the flashing? Other than sloppy should I call this out?

No do not call it out. Is it cement fiber?

It is a block penetration. Here are examples.



yes it is hardie board. Realtor wants me to call it out but it just looks like a sloppy cut to me.

Surely you don’t report what the agent wants you to report as a way of inspecting.

Sorry about calling you Shirley.


Cosmetic issue. Let the buyer complain if the want, but it’s not a defect.


Nothing to call out other than it’s a sloppy install. I see it almost daily… Move on…

Is the REA doing the inspection???

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It helps prevents deterioration. Like what you see happening at the door.

It might look a little sloppy because its not caulked, but it’s not supposed to be caulked, either.
Just FYI

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