Hardi board Panel

Had a new house construction inspection and not sure it is flashed or installed correctly after looking at the hardi PDF …do not bother giving it to me as I have it.

Not sure about the bottom edge over the foundation (should I see flashing like with brick veneer)?

Also how about the trim above a door should that be flashed or sealed as they did it…pictures below ?

One picture shows z flashing at horizontal joint and nailing with vertical joint intersection while the other two show bottom and above door.




I am thinking trim board should be flashed over the top thanks guys.:slight_smile:

Need clearance "2 from porch deck and flashing as well…Thanks again…lol.

When in doubt download the installation instructions.
If its hardi, its really a no no to dirctly nail where it is exposed. All doors and windos should be head flashed as well.
At this point to prevent water issues aorund exposed nails sealant would be needed. Correct no, but they are not going to tear it off and start over.

Brand new construction.
Lots of issues .
They never added a moisture barrier behind the garage siding.
I have no idea if the Hardi is flashed as nothing was showing.
They even ran the makeup air to the cat 4 rom right over the condenser Unit with the schedule 40 at the roof.

But had these to make up for it…:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: