Flashing strips in fiber cement lap siding

It’s doing an inspection today I noted that the flashing strip that I typically see at the gap in the siding was missing. Does anybody know did they recently change install requirements and that is that no longer required?

As far as I know it is still required, if it’s Hardi Board.


That’s a recommendation for joint flashing, not a requirement.

And it wasn’t part of their “recommendations” years ago.

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Apparently it’s been a requirement for 15 years.


Having trouble reading today?

There’s more than one option to satisfy the “requirement”. Not just “joint flashing”. The OP referenced flashing strips.

The flashing strips have been required for 15 years unless there is a water resistant barrier behind the siding material. The OP had mentioned the flashing strips are missing. It’s pretty simple.

Yes, it is.
I have no problem with understanding the details, including everything you posted that lists “options”, not one method only…

Before they wanted you to caulk it (optional or not), but now it’s best to have piece of flashing behind it. Just need to be careful how you word this in your report :slight_smile:

Here is a better question, how can it be corrected today and that will guide your comment in the report. Going crazy caulking each joint may cause more harm than good. Sticking piece of flashing behind nailed siding? good luck!

Not a problem.


I agree with Scott…not a problem.


^^^^^Easy money says one of those two guys above has actually done this install ^^^^^^

Really? So when was the last time you added flashing behind pinbacked hardie siding :smiley: I would like you to demonstrate this fine technique to me without damaging the siding :slight_smile: Are you going to sink the nails? then add more nails? cover those holes then touch it up? LOL you guys are skilled! respekt! :smiley:

Nothing a claw hammer to pry the seam and some face nails can’t fix… :smiley:
(I think I’ve seen that exact “repair” more than once.)

And I have seen them damage it. That’s the problem, it depends… it’s too easy to damage cementitious siding when you start prying it.


The siding is top nailed, slid the flashing up as far as it will go, and then add a dab of caulk to hold the flashing in place, no nails required. No prying required.

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Look up pinbacking, it’s not always “just” top nailed. I see it often.

You’re talking about pin backing the corners with finishing nails, then touching them up for a finished look?

Yeap!.. :sunglasses:

Patience… :grimacing: