Flashing Tape on Plumbing Vents

Anyone else commonly see this on metal roofs? Here in Hawaii almost every house with metal roof uses flashing tape instead of boot style flashing. I call it out as a deficiency, and recommend installation of proper boot flashings… what do you all think? Any input is appreciated!

Nathan Hayden
Home Inspectors Hawaii

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I’d do the same as you. :+1:


If I never saw that here in Ottawa, ON I would have to call it. Never seen that here.

Glad you shared!

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The right way to do it.

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Yeah, that looks like tape intended for use on membrane/TPO/PVC roofs. Definitely not on metal.

What part of Hawaii are you in? After 20 years inspecting in Oregon I moved to Maui and just opened a company here.

I still can’t get used to metal roofs having the exposed fasteners like that but there sure seem to be a lot of them here. Back in Oregon we only put those corrugated panel roofs are only on sheds, patio covers and barns. Metal over a residence is standing seam with no exposed fasteners. Although, it does seem to rain less here :slight_smile:

Aloha Matt!

I am located on the southside of the Big Island! Send me your contact info at nathanmhayden@gmail.com. I recently had an inspection booked online that was for Maui, so it would be good to have a solid contact for referral over there!

Nathan Hayden

I agree. Write it up. We see things all the time that are commonly done…wrong.

You can clearly see it’s already peeling off. How long before it leaks?