Streamlight Stinger HL

I’ve used Stingers since I began inspecting and just upgraded my primary to the Led HL (high lumen).

In some situations it can be almost too bright in high mode but has medium and low outputs as well so you can tailor the output. Strobe mode also.

In high it is twice as bright as the Stinger led I’ve been using.

Very well made components, water resistant and survives drops.

Streamlight also backs up their products.
I had a switch fail on one I had for years, they replaced the switch and replaced the battery at no cost. I didn’t ask for the battery replacement, they just did it.
Good company, good products.

I just got two of these yesterday. I can/t believe how bright they are. I have always had good luck with the Stringer.

I always had issues with Streamlight switches failing. Yes, they replace them, but it’s a PITA taking them for service. Also, not a fan of the proprietary batteries in their rechargeable units, when 16550 batteries are so prevalent and inexpensive. I switched to Fenix about six years ago and have stuck with them.

I hope the Streamlights continue to serve you well.

I’ve heard good things about Fenix Chuck.

Too bad you had switch problems with the Streamlight, only happened once to me and after years of almost daily use.

I used the NiteCore MH25. I have dropped them from height, gotten them very wet all without any issue … offer great output and recharge via USB or wall.

I love my Stinger HPL and use it daily for inspections and on the weekends for personal use. It’s been dropped, rained on, used as a hammer, covered in dust, etc. and never skips a beat. I also use a Fenix UC35 for a small backup that has been through the same torture with no problems. The only downside to the Fenix is the USB recharge port cover is a bit flimsy and I could see how it could break loose. Hasn’t yet, but I’m sure it will happen eventually.