Obsolete battery or not the flashlight has a higher max output and a much further beam distance than the one you bought.


Max Output:
TK16 - 14,480cd
Streamlight - 22,000cd

Beam distance:
TK16 - 787 ft (240 m)
Streamlight - 974 ft (297 m)

As for the switch I haven’t had any problems and know of no problems, although I did have to replace one of the switches in one of my ultra stingers like 7 or 8 years ago.

Another 5 years all these flashlights will be obsolete anyways.

The relevant measurement of output is lumens - 1,000 vs. 640. Beam distance or throw should be considered with quality of fill or spill. I have a laser which absolutely tromps both in terms of beam distance, but is useless as an inspection tool. That big, long, obsolete Streamlight battery is rated at 2,200 mAH whereas the 16550s go to 5,000 mAH and are about 1/2 the size. My light drops into my flashlight pocket and doesn’t require a holster.

In another 5 years they will all be obsolete, one of them already is.

Well then by your definition the $20.99 flashlight mikey linked to in post #2 produces 2,000 Lumens meaning it has has twice the relevant output than yours does. Right?

Now who’s is obsolete? :roll:


It a great light. Get over it.

and it has 18650s. 2 of them

Yea, that’s obvious by the rave reviews it’s received. :roll:

Fenix UC35 LED Flashlight Is the smaller version of what nick posted. It is blinding. Has 4 brightness settings and lasts a few inspections. Comes with rechargeable batteries, charger, & holster for $80.00. I played with a lot of them at the Vegas convention. This one is lightweight and easily fits in any pocket. I haven’t used my stream lights since

No complaints on mine.

They work fine. I own several similar and have them all over the house. I explained in my first post why I prefer the Fenix for professional use. Apparently you missed it.

You and that tired, overpriced rehash of an outdated flashlight design that you rode in on - that’s who. Notice that even the Inspector Outlet has abandoned the Stinger series.

LOL! soaks into other threads too!

The flashlights that I have been using all 800+ Lumens use the larger 26650 batteries.

I received this one for Christmas and it will be my attic wear.


I also use the xtra charger that is USB plug in.

What I really miss in the old maglite, is when I get into an attic and there is some type of critter nest (thank God we don’t have snakes here), would like to have something to swing before I start screaming like a little girl as I fall down the ladder… :slight_smile: