Streamlight Stinger LED HP

Had for a little over a year. Comes with a charger. Overall in great shape, some minor scratching around the tailcap and top. Nice bright flashlight. I am changing over to somthing different.

I just switched over to a Lenser M7R. LED flashlight. It ran for a little over 8 hours of constant on. Hi, Lo, SOS, strobe low, strobe high. It puts my Ultra Stinger to shame. Those will be on the shelf for emergency only. Best and brightest light I have seen.

Fenix TK30 at 630 lumens and about 120 bucks. 18650 batteries last about three weeks between charges. Incredible torch

Thats great… Glad you want to advertise some other type of flashlight. Maybeunless your interested in buying mine you should make your own thread.

My apologies I hit the submit button before I realized it was a classified ad.

Stop your whining…SHEESH, these kids!

Yeah , He is a whiner all right , i give 20 bucks for your light lol, Only if you deliver it no postage. I need a battery

I like the Fenix LD 10, fits in your pocket. Sorry Sean.:mrgreen:

It was probably yours to begin with. :mrgreen:

Hmm i did have one go MIA

I have the Mini Streamlight LED, great Flashlight, battery lasts for two-three days using it daily w/out recharge.

Can’t go wrong for $50 buck.

This won’t help Sean’s cause but stinger is old tech and their newer LED versions are dim and overpriced. Put it in the junk drawer for emergencies. If you want some really bright and decent quality LED flashlights, lots of sizes and features, ridiculously cheap prices and FREE shipping, just get on Ebay and look up “Cree LED Flashlight”. You won’t be disappointed. I own five currently. They make stingers look like penlights. And you can buy 3 400 lumen Cree torches for the cost of that one Fenix LD10 100 lumen on Amazon.

Sorry if that sounds like a pissing contest, wasn’t the intention. :slight_smile:

No it sounds like your just an a ss hole. If you want to start a thread about how s hitty my light is, fine do it somewhere else. The post was to sell a flashlight. If your not going to buy it then mind your own.

BTW do you even own one of these lights??? If you own one then I am sure you can compare but if not then how can you.
Its sold BTW and compared to the other lights I have its still a good flashlight.

Curious what you replaced it with?

I will start a thread in Members section.

LOl i love my stinger , now i have 3 thanks Sean
Btw we are not blinding a sniper or rescue a lost soul .

No, but it could be a pissed off coon, giving you enough time to flee without gettin yer arse bit! :mrgreen:

Nah , just wrestle them then you have lunch;-) Possum are a little greasy so i let them go by

You just got to cook the grease off the possum. You got to cook a possum way longer then a coon. A lot of Canucks make that mistake.