Best rechargeable flashlight

like the title says im in search for good and bright rechargeable flashlight.what do most off you guys use thanks .

Fenix tk30 with rechargeable 18650 batteries

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Streamlight Ultra Stinger, great light, durable and very bright


Used a Streamlight Ultra stinger for 9 years made the switch to the Fenix and love it. It is lighter, shorter, a hell of a lot brighter ( about three times) and I charge it about once every three weeks.

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Charles, please email me, if you get a moment. I have a few questions about the cylindrical tube and batteries you make mention for this flashlight. Thanks,


Thank guys now I have a better idea.

I have 3 Ultra Stinger Streamlights, and all are going strong.
I have only replaced one battery so far in 5 years…:smiley:

need to make up my mine Streamlight Ultra Stinger vs fenix tk30 any ideas

Get one of both. You should always have a back-up!

what batteries and charger you recommend

I like The Torch:wink:

I use Streamlight’s PolyStinger LED

I was inspecting an engine (my aviation job) and my Stinger battery went out. I borrowed a coworkers PolyStinger LED and was shocked at the bright, white light. I was so impressed that I walked over to a computer and bought one on the spot. I usually use the medium setting since the high setting is often too bright when reading data plates, etc. Also, the LED light really holds a good charge too.

I don’t know dude…fries eggs and sets paper on fire, be careful where you shine that thing especially in the attics where the dryer vent terminates.

5 minutes battery life

you can use 2 or 4 CR123’s either rechargable or not

you can use 1 or 2 18650 rechargables

I use Ultrafire 3300Mah 18650’s and they last about 3 weeks between charges. Batteries and charger run about 10-20 bucks on-line.

Thanks for your input.

I picked up a new 20 million candlepower rechargeable spotlight for $15 the other day.
Just for the heck of it.

Did an 1871 mansion (2.5 stories plus full basement) yesterday with 3 chimneys/9 flues. My $24 CREE 8 watt flashlight provided all the power I needed to see the interior condition of the flues.

No need to buy $100-$150+ flashlights!!

I’m new at this but not new at getting in the attics and my 20$ home depot flashlight Don’t do it.