Flat roof torch down

Hello… Help please , im a roofer working for roofing company. Here in Orlando Florida, the company just hire a new crew. and this is the way they are torching , I never saw this, my question is why the are doing it like that , instead of going all the way to the edge. ??

You could ask them… :smile:


Makes sense! Lol

I think they are going by the 18" min over lap that would be for the bottom.
I’ve built and done torch down in Orlando, I don’t think it would pass.
It should go to the edge and be sealed for wind.
It depends on the code inspector that gets it, I know a few of the roof inspectors in Orlando that will tell them quick no way boy’s!
When they seal down the edge and put the granules it will leave an ugly hump.
Are they from another state?

Thank you David , you are right , yes they should run it to edge, in my opinion i will not pass it , I’ve been a roofer all my life never saw something liike that, don’t like it either, i hope it passes inspection, thank you David .

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David i don’t know if they coming from another state , is new crew that jus got hired,

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If they are in Orlando they will learn!
I know a lot of inspectors there and I don’t see that flying, good post.

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