Roof shingle over hang

This is not how we do this, in Florida

I bet I can tell where you put your ladder up. That guy was an aviator, those are ailerons for the roof

That overhang and more is the norm around here. They do it instead of putting in a drip edge.

Obviously is…you’re measuring it!! :wink:

Thats what happens when they let those boys from up north come down here and install roofs after the hurricanes. Kinda makes you wonder who signed off on that permit.

We send 'em down there 'cause we don’t want them up here.


Maybe this old snow bird could go down and show you a few things, and that picture posted in that area is not one of them.
I can go down and do the repairs when the owner does not like what will happen in a few years.

PS. I was in Florida Orlando Local Carpenters Union in 1970. That was not the norm. :slight_smile:

Where is the ice and water shield?

The roofers in Illinois like to layer their shingles, sometimes too much. From today.

Yeah. Irish travelers together with a client who is too cheap to actually hire a state licensed roofer.

Always do a tear off. It’s the only way to ensure a good job.

I agree, 3 layers, no permit for this job.

Aw!! Come on, Will.

Licensing solves nothing!!

They usually stop in Florida to pick up some extra dineros on their way back to la casa.