Rolled Roofing, Flat Roof???

No one asked me first.

8618 S 19th St 016.JPG

8618 S 19th St 014.JPG

8618 S 19th St 011.JPG

8618 S 19th St 012.JPG

What the hell…
High winds ?

Torch down to osb w/out a base sheet(upon zooming in a bit, looks like maybe there was a base)? Or is it just plain old rolled roofing.

I’ve heard a few roofers argue that torch down (if that’s what it is) is more wind damage prone on areas with a slight pitch like the area that pulled up, when a base sheet IS installed. Dunno.

Was probably your fault anyway, as you were last person up there. Did your ladder tear up the edges? :slight_smile:

Snazzy looking parapet walls though.

Just like the title says Rolled roofing. :smiley:

Its always the inspectors fault simply because he should have known the problem BEFORE it started and let the potential buyers know before they even went into contract that one day the problem was going to exist…everybody knows that. :wink:

Does the lack of scuppers turn the cumbustion vents into overflow drains? You don’t often see water features lined with roll roofing.