Flat verses sloped

Roofing experts -
Is a flat roof replaced differently than a sloped roof?
Fly by night roofer told me that a flat roof strips are 12’ verses 3’ for a sloped roof. Did not make much sense to me. I know that most shingles are 12 x 36. Are flat roofing shingle different?

You do not shingle a flat roof.

He must be talking about rolled roofing material.

Minimum pitch for shingles is 2:12.

yes low slope is very different install than any steeper slope material

“flat” is a misrepresentation term…all materials require some slope for drainage…1/4" per foot is usually the least

as i recall Firestone makes 30’x100’ materials

Yes, Firestone makes EPDM in rolls available from 0.5 meter increments up to 14 meter wide which is 50’+/-.


Sounds like the roofer was referring to the underlay (felts, ice and water shield, etc) on sloped roofs, as it is usually 3 feet wide. TPO and PVC can come in rolls that are 12 feet wide. EPDM usually comes in 5m increments from 10-50 feet.