Slope to flat tranisition

A buddy was kind enough to let me do a mock inspection at his house.
The roof is fax-shingle style tile. In once section, it slopes down a flat roof section over a patio and addition.

As the membrane goes up under the title, it seems correct as per my reading, but something about this set up bugs me.

Would you say anything or leave it?

He says the roof was recently repaired by a roofer, but I’ve found other areas (not pictured) where flashing is missing, or installed incorrectly. So I’m not trusting that the roofer did a good job.

OK picture didn’t upload.

Try this again:

What’s the problem in your opinion?

We have many of these type tile to rolled roofing here in AZ. What in the picture causes your concern?

From what I’m reading, flashing in such a situation is optional, so I get technically, it is correct.

I just see in a heavy rain storm, a lot of water coming off that roof and hitting that area of the flat roof and possibly backing up under the tile.

And there is almost no flashing in other areas where there should be, so I’m already skeptical of this roofing repair.

So I’m just asking for a 2nd opinion.

The metal flashing is under the modified bitumen roofing at the tie-in, which is lapped up a few feet…it’s fine.

Thank you Brad. :slight_smile:

Typically the flat roof membrane extends up the slope and is exposed for a certain distance vertically (6,8,12"… whichever is common for flat roof flashing in your area.), then extends under another couple rows of shingles. The reasoning behind having the first bit exposed is to avoid nail punctures from the shingles in case of backup from wind, extreme rain, etc.