Flew my Drone .

I already have one. DJI is a Chinese company. EXO is based in Salt Lake, Utah (a US company). The US doesn’t manufacture anything, a fact that will hurt the economy as China buys more and more and continues to pollute even as our government bankrupts the country over CO2.

Read the post above. Don’t assume meaning not expressed!

I’m not picking on them, I assume their drones are decent. But I’ve heard them referred to as a US made drone before and it just isn’t true. They basically are a Chinese-manufactured drone with a sales and support team advertised to be located in the US. Exo the US company claims to be registered in Wyoming and supposedly headquartered in Utah, but try finding an address to go visit them at.

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I’d much rather put my money there thN send it to China.

Bob – did you ever pass your FAA-107?

Never took it. Truth is life has presented a few other hurdles and I just keep putting it off. I will yet, just don’t know when.

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