flexible gas line in fireplace (pics)

This wasn’t from an inspection, but rather a question I was asked. Someone sent me this picture and asked me a question about this fireplace in their home. Obviously there is a leak at the fitting and looks to be cross-threaded. My question is about the flexible gas line. Does that fall under manufacturer’s requirments of the insert? Are there any code requirements against flexible gas lines in the firebox?



Fine like that

So one would follow the manufacturer rec’s for gas supply piping for the gas logs or the insert itself?

Yes manufacturers instructions always.
They are similar in use of 1/2 inch blackpipe through the knockout with an 18 inch 3/8" flex (stainless)

thanks Bob

That brass thread is striped on the threads of the black iron pipe according to what your picture shows.

They have flames comming out of a gas line and they don’t call a plumber … :shock:

Isn’t that the pilot light?

Flex in firebox can be OK for gas logs. Not OK if using wood to burn.

AND like the man said / CALL a plumber.

you need a flexible line to accommodate whatever the distance from the gas line rough-in to the appliance.

For gas logs copper and aluminum tubing are also allowed in some areas and per the IRC

kind of like pre-ignition.

Love second picture. Tape or Liquid dope visible on flange fitting, dont see that on pipe fitting side. Home owner tried repair again and in wrong spot?

So it is safe to use flex line in a gas fireplace that has a vented log set in it? My girlfriend just bought a new log set for her gas fireplace and the gas inlet on the new set is on the right hand side but the gas inlet into the fireplace is on the left. Is it safe for me to run a flex line around and behind the pan that came with the set to the other side?

No, not allowed.