Flipper covering some foundation issues.

I did a consult with a first time home buyer a few days ago. They had purchased this home a few month ago and got it inspected. After they lived in the home for a bit they started to know things that were not right. Such as the electrical in their bedroom did work, the walls were made out of OSB, the dryer had no vent and they had a finished room in the basement that didn’t have any electrical outlets to name a few. Well one day they went to the basement after we had a whole bunch of rain and they had water coming out from under one of their wall in the basement but not a lot. After calling the realtor and then an insurance agent because their A/C didn’t work and was told it did they got a hold of me and I went out because I was in the area. After looking around I told them that they probably had some foundation issues going on behind this wall and that it appeared to me that the flippers put this one wall up to cover it up because there was no other reason for it. They have since taken that wall down and sent me some pictures for my opinion and I posted a couple of them here for you all to critic. I have already informed them that they need to get a foundation expert to come in and evaluate and at-least give the a cost to repair estimate.

I don’t really have a question just wanted to see what you all though of them.

Ohh and I believe they poured a brand new sidewalk around the house to cover the cracks in the foundation that were visible above grade. I could see 2 of them just by looking.

Ah another ‘flipper’ cover-up. Another house that had half azz’d ‘repairs’ done on the CHEAP, and then sold. Same old blllshtt.

Well let’s see, duh flippers covered over the foundation cracks so, it’s probably time for an interior basement system knothead compay to… do the same!!

1 idiot plus another idiot = 2 many idiotzzz.

Last two estimates I have been on, homeowners previously had/hired B Dry to do some ‘waterdiverting’.

They had cracks in basements walls.

B Dry placed/covered these cracks with white plastic type crap on inside.

They/B Dry did not use/inject anything in cracks… pretty big/wide cracks.

They continued to leak.

Mold started growing on walls where cracks are, they called my azz.

Homeowners pulled off the cheap junk on walls.

B Dry charged em $3,000 ish for these areas.

My estimate’s to hand dig/waterproof the cracks are $1,900 and $2,700…
one homeowner needs a little more hence, costs a little more.

Yet again, contrary to popular belief… exterior waterproofing will cost LESS versus the incompetent negligent inside crrrap.


Flips… Can’t stand them sometimes

Ask your client if the disclosure mentions the water intrusion or foundation problems. If it indicates no, the pictures prove otherwise and I would file suit against everyone involved in the sale of the home! They should be able to recover enough for an entire new foundation to be placed under that home!

I believe it doesn’t and I also think that is the road they are going to go down. I advised them to get a foundation contractor to give an estimate of repair costs so that they have a bases to go on when they start down the legal path. This is not the only concern that their was in the home just probably the biggest.

I have poured many a foundation in my career, and I would not hesitate to call this one a complete structural failure of the cast in place foundation.
The problem needs to be fully assessed by a Structural Engineer that has the ability to assess the exterior grade, material for backfill and proper waterproofing of the repairs or replacement of the section or whole portion of the basement walls.

Thanks for your reply Marcel.