Twice in one day

DIY’er decides after watching too many Fix & Flip shows that he can make some easy money…so he purchases property, fixes it up, land contract and the only thing left is the home inspection.

I get there and see red flags all over the place…I do inspection and then agent calls me when I finish up…told her that I suspect her so called investor friend did renovations without permits and is not licensed.

I get a call 5 minutes later and sure enough he admits to everything.
I advice him to get in touch with county and not do any more jobs without being licensed and permitted.

Head to next job and lo and behold…same thing except this time DIY and buyer get into big argument…not good.

I just don’t feel sorry for these guys…

Good stuff man. lol
I see same type sht, just had another late last week.

Potential buyer calls and wanted an estimate/wanted to know WHY a house/basement he was interested in had wet-looking blocks(wall) which also had some mold and efflorescence on them. A realtor and friends were flipiing house and tried telling potential buyer they ‘fixed’ this problem by…raising and sloping the grade. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Showed the guy 2 hairline verical cracks in blocks, thats why it leaks,thats why the wall/blocks are wet, thats why there is some mold and efflorescence on some blocks, needs exterior waterproofing in that area. (often i find seller/flippers etc either paint wall or put paneling etc up against problem area/s)

isn’t it a well known fact that cheap paneling will stop water intrusion?

I heard that somewhere the paneling can be cheap but it should also be thick:p;-)

It’s only effective if painted… from the inside :smiley: