Flir EX320

Please let me know what you think about this camera?

I’ve been using one for three years. It has excellent resolution and capability but lacks some of the bells and whistles of the newer models (i,e,. no visible light camera, fusion, SD card, annotation, etc.). Very capable for commercial use in addition to building inspection. I do my fusion images in software anyway.

Contact me, I can help you get the same resolution for about $1500 less.

BX or EX?

I know of three of them available around here. PM me about your deal.
I have a BX320 and a T-300 and in spite of less bells and whistles, I prefer the BX2320 for HI. It is much faster to operate. The processor is faster. The batteries are a bit high (but I fond a Canadian source that is 45% less).

Contact me and I will see if those cameras are still available.
The Hi was upgrading cameras because of commercial work vs. residential.

$1,500 less than what? I didn’t see where he said what he was paying.

Less than what, John? Can you get them new?


About $1500 less than your normal list price on the internet.

Plus I can get a wide angle or telephoto lens thrown in for free ($1000 value).

Sweet deal, wanna order me one up?

How about these:



This is real, no joke. I can only do this once on this deal.
Brand new with 2 year warranty, case and software.

John the camera has been discontinued for quite some time now.

Here is FLIR’s current offerings for this industry:

Check out the mid and short wave cameras while on that page. You had questions about them a couple of days ago.


Difference between T & B in the 300 Series is ???

I am talking about a new camera.

Temperature ranges. -4 to 1200 (+)F in three steps in the T.
Freezing to boiling in the B.

Dew point and insulation alarms are in the “B”.
This can be done outside the camera easily. You need a hygrometer to get the readings anyway.