Fluke Ti50 for sale

Have a slightly used Ti50 for sale. Great shape. Sent it in for calibration and just got it back. This was my backup.

How much?

Make me a reasonable offer. Serious offers only please. I’m not going to give it away. It looks and works brand new. Keep in mind, I just got it back from Fluke for calibration. That was over 800.00


Thank you Roy, I already know how much they sell brand new. I’ll except several thousand less for mine.

Sorry I am actually looking for an entry level used camera. Good luck finding a buyer. Thanks.

Sam, your right. This is way more then entry level. Can I offer advice. Stay away from the i series from Flir. They’re too entry level in our business. I also own a couple other cameras. The one I probably use the most is my Flir B60.

Thanks for the advise I gotta find one on ebay or something. Any good place to get a camera in Canada ? Last time I bought my mould kit from states (professional equipment store) i got charged duties approx $200.

I think you’re right on the money with e-bay. You just need to do a little research first. You’re going to find some odd cameras along with very low sensitivity and resolution. 120x120 is about as bare bones as you want to go. Even then, your going to kick yourself and say “Why didn’t I wait and go with the next model up”? Thats why I mentioned not to bother looking at the i series.