Fluke TIR 32

Any chance we can get the same kind of deal on the TIR 32 that we are getting on the TIR and TIR1 ?

Allan if you are talking about the TiR-32 for $20 down, absolutely, We have put together many $20 down programs lately for this camera. If you want to call me to get pre-approved, I can take all of your information over the phone and have you approved in an hour.

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The price I received on the Fluke TIR32 was unreal (low). Are these brand new in the box or are they demos or something ? The price destroyed everyone else, just wondering how the price could be that much lower. Also do they come from an authorized dealer ? Thanks

I notice everyone is talking about Fluke cameras, does anyone own a Flir B50 and how does it compare to the Fluke TiR and Tir1 cameras. Also, can interNACHI get any special deals on Flir cameras?

Apparently the TIR-32 is constructed of the rare mineral unobtainium. I’m going on 5 months waiting for mine and I’m on the fence about cancelling. That’s excessive by any measure and a lot of money to be tied up in what for now amounts to “air”.

Is anyone else still waiting on one of these or has already taken delivery?

Fluke told me last week it would be another 12 weeks before delivery to anyone, but I didn’t pay for mine yet.

Hmmm. I think I heard the 12 week estimate more than 8 weeks ago. At the rate this technology changes and the equipment depreciates, I’m very tempted to collect up my marbles and wait for FLIR’s next offering. If Fluke can’t get them out the door, I’m getting concerned about their ability to fix one if a warranty need arises. Given that product delivery issues are on technical side, the odds of getting a defective one may increase.

Dale & David (& others),

While this wait has been excruciating for both the end users and distributors alike, I think there’s still something to be said about this camera and Fluke’s future intentions in the world of infrared. It’s a significant leap of IR camera technology being shoved into the sub-$10K realm and IMHO just the beginning of what Fluke has in store.

Remember that since the announcement of the Ti32/TiR32, FLIRs only response has been to re-push the same cameras they’ve been selling for a couple years, just at a reduced price. That may be a small reflection about who’s dumping their R&D dollars into the cameras that HI’s, energy auditors and the like will most likely be using in the future. Who else is even close to interchangeable wide angle and telephoto lenses for less than $1K each that don’t require you to lose your camera for two weeks for calibration… and previous lenses, once calibrated, are no good on any other camera. These are good for any Ti32 or TiR32. Remember also, when buying lenses for other cameras that the calibration is roughly another $1500 on top of the cost of the lens. That goes for Fluke and FLIR. All this is not to say that FLIR isn’t going to respond to this with a new camera (or 2) of their own. They know that the i7 isn’t going to cut it.

While this delay has most (or all) of us losing our patience, I would hate to think that those waiting are losing the initital excitement they had about using this camera for the first time.

I remember seeing it for the first time at the product debut back in October. Fluke brought a couple units out for the distributors to play with for a few hours. They were basically Ti32 guts in a regular TiR1 body. Probably the most amazing thing was the thermal sensitivity. We had a TiR1 in stock (at the time) so we took it with for a comparison. Words can’t really describe it. It was so sensitive that the heat from a recessed can light hitting a wall 12 - 15 ft. away showed up clear as day. I can also attest to the fact that, while the data sheets reflect that this camera’s thermal sensitivity is 50mK, not every camera rolling off the production line is functioning at 50mK… that’s just the minimum that Fluke has the automated calibration process set at. Some of them are rolling off even better than that.

Anyway, I’m starting to sound like a commercial now. I’m no infrared expert. I hold no certification. I do know that Fluke did not market this camera right. I just hope that, for those of you who bought one of these cameras, this marketing mistake doesn’t take away from your overall Fluke experience.

Your wait shouldn’t be too much longer. :wink:

Unfortunately excitement fades just as fast as the technology changes and that’s not the fault of the end user. Calling it “oops, a marketing mistake” doesn’t quite do it justice given we’re now more than 5 months into this mistake.

Albiet I’m one of the lucky ones. This camera isn’t my entry into the IR realm…it’s an upgrade. The guys that are really getting screwed are the ones that finally jumped off the fence only to realize that their money buys them a several month wait.

Given this, critiquing FLIR’s response to anything appears somewhat diversionary. Having had 2 FLIR cameras and a Fluke “on order”, I’m clearly not a brand loyalist but I’m fairly certain that FLIR has never kept me waiting for anything…seems like they’re doing something right :wink:

Oh Bull ****!

People are buying into this UNSEEN thing!

I promise I’ll take care of your wife, just send me the money first!

Hear anything like this before?!

Look at what is “on the ground” and running. Want to be on the beading edge of this thing.

They make a proto type of something and we all are supposed to think this is what is to come! ?

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Just like the cheap training that can’t teach you crap!
You can always find someone here that “did the time” and will give advise away for free!

The equivalent FLIR model to the TiR32 is the T300. It’s a new camera, just as the Ti32 is new to FLUKE.
If I were to buy a camera right now I would buy a TiR32 or a FLIR T300. But it sounds like I can’t get a TiR32; so . . .

Yes you are starting to sound like a commercial - Ignoring facts that are inconvenient to your pre-determined point of view.

Guys neither of these companies would release anything without it working 100%. And neither of these companies are scams that would simply take your money and then not deliver. If you were not 100% satisfied with anything either put in to your hands, the manufacture or distributor would reimburse you or exchange the item.

Fluke is owned by Danaher, which is worth approx 28 billion (they have just under 3 billion in cash as of last quarter), and publically traded. FLIR is worth around 2.8 billion and is also publically traded. Neither company is looking to create bad press/reviews on any of their items. And they are definitely not taking your money and running.

We are also a fully operational infrared inspection company, and I am in the same boat as all the other Ti32 and TiR32 future owners, waiting for my cameras. We could instantly put 4 to work in the field the second they come in. In the long run I would rather the manufacture (no matter which one it is) not release something to me unless it was 100% up to their expectations. I trust either one of these companies when it comes to their product, and what they expect out of their own product.


Instead of ignoring facts like $3,000 software charges and $2,000 lens calibration charges (FLIR) I was just attempting to put information out into the public so that those who purchased this camera in advance would feel better about its release.

The T300 is not the same price at the Ti32, it’s $1,000 more and the software (that’s worth anything) is considerably more on top of that, not to mention lenses. Fluke has gone out of their way to put $20K worth of camera into a $9K machine and all FLIR can do is repackage it’s old models and cut price. Even when FLIR lowers their price to compete, they have been found weighed, measured, and wanting.

(COMMERCIAL) ------->>> Fluke was started in 1948 by John Fluke Sr., a friend and roommate of David Packard, future co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, when both were employed at General Electric. Danaher Corporation bought Fluke on June 1, 1998 and since then have they’ve had three (3) recalls, including all product lines across all of Danaher’s acquisitions. That doesn’t come from releasing product that may be faulty. This delay is to make sure that this camera is perfect in every way. I know you wouldn’t want your IR camera less than that, right?

T300’s are also on a back order, 4 weeks from what I hear.


For anyone with a Fluke TiR; TiR1; TiR32, etc AND Smartview

How do you change the pics to jpegs to just use that way?

ANYBODY got the TiR 32 yet.

If so do you have anything to compare it to.

I don’t think the Ti32 is available yet.
I have a Flir T400 and would love to do
a side by side comparison.
Who knows, the Ti32 may be as good as
the advertisement. I do like their cost of
extra lenses. Flir’s lenses are very expensive
and you loose your camera for a week or so
for calibration of the camera to the lens.

Ordered aFluke TiR about Jan7, Received about Jan19. About a week and a half. Great job inspector outlet and Fluke. Thanks

I’m leery of posting this comment as I do not want it to be taken as an endorsement; we don’t sell or endorse products of any brand. As many of you know, I’ve also used pretty much every single camera on the market since 1983.

That said, I’ve had chances to use the Ti32 on several different occasions, with wide and telephoto lenses, under a variety of indoor and outdoor conditions. I must say I’m thrilled with the results I got from it and fully expect you will be as well. I’m sorry I don’t have images I can share at this time.

Clearly other systems work well too and folks will have personal preferences. I’ve always said my favorite camera is the one I have in my hands at the moment I need it!

My understanding is the 32 is now shipping and I look forward to hearing comments from others.