Flir E8 for sale, Free Flir one included.

I have a Flir E8 for sale. I purchased on 11/28/16, in newer condition. (slightly used).

Includes extra battery and a Flir one Free with purchase of E8.

I am asking $2K. Camera sells new for $2999.99.

Please contact me with a PM or post here.

That is a deal for sure!

No sales tax, the insurance to ship may cost a few bucks.

How you feeling these days Roy?

Doing just fine Sir ! Just got the normal aches and pains for my age.
How about you?

I am enjoying being semi retired and have been feeling better about everything.

I was not liking the inspection business anymore and it was affecting my life prospective.

My wife purchased me a fitbit 2 years ago and I started using last week. I average about 20,000 steps a day. (Should go up when I start doing yard work)

Sounds great Brother…

Hay Roy, just got back from being a pin cushion at the doctors. After our prayer meeting traveling down the road the other day, my renal function improved so much they are holding off trying to put me on dialysis!

Thought you’d like to know that.

Thanks brother!

David good luck in your next step in life. Need anything, let me know.
I hung up my shingle too, but the phone won’t quit ringing…
Just got a call for IR on a lumber mill.
Will take what comes one day at a time.

Good luck with the camera sales.
Good plan to put that Flir 1 to some usefulness.

Same here…It seems no matter what my fee is they still want 1st Pro Inspection…

Excellent, David!! :smiley:

Yes, my friend…one day at a time.

I have goosebumps!
God is the great healer.
He has always answered my prayers.

I went to a prayer meeting recently, the group was reading a book called Rediscovering Jesus. The chapter was titled Forty Words. The first page stated “Jesus assumes we love ourselves”

Well, there was my problem. I not only did not love myself, I did not like me.
I was unable to love others as I did not love myself.

I have been on a spiritual journey since I stopped inspecting and closed my business. (It was affecting me in negative ways).

The prayer meeting had a spiritual leader present. I had made a comment in the meeting I needed more love than my dog licking my hand. (My dog has a brain tumor that was diagnosed the day I decided to stop inspecting)

The spiritual leader told me the catholic churches were having confession in a few days. (I had forgot, but she reminded me that day). I went and had an open confession and it helped cleanse my soul.

I also went to a fish fry, went to church and plan to go to the next meeting.

It all started by a realtor that I just thought I was going to have a cup of coffee with at there office. I am on a journey, trying to open my heart to God and others and I ask for prayers for me and my dog Maggie.

Yesterday I got a call from the BBB, turned into a religious discussion and I now have a new friend. I thought they wanted money for this years renewal. We talked 5 minutes BBB, 25 minutes about God and his and my experiences.

God Loves us all, I just did not love myself, now I can love others.

I will. My prayers are always answered.

“For we were sometimes in darkness, but now are we are the light in the Lord: walk as children of light.”

Prayer is very powerful!

David - I have been there in life also (several times). Trust in the Lord and he shall direct your paths.

I will not go into them, but as I look back on my life’s journey I recognize that ‘everything’ I have done, failed, or embarked upon was connected. Not always as I intended, most of the time not as I intended.

I am here watching, listening and waiting for my next assignment. It may not be as we like. I may die in my sleep tonight. But that is my path. I have enjoyed the trip and never thought I would make it this far.

Keep your ear to the ground David. The path is not well worn. It’s your job to find and follow…