Ir camera for sale?

Hey all,
Anyone interested in selling a used IR camera that’s in good shape?
Please email me or text if you do.

James Price

O: 512-534-8967
C: 512-529-1247
TREC Lic# 20477


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You may want to say what your budget is. I’ve got a FLIR T440 I am willing to sell.

Have several IR’s no longer being used. Downsizing and dropped 2 people

Flir E8 and Fluke TI-32. Both in great shape

**Flir BX320 w/ 3 batteries


  •      Robust Post Processing Capabilities
  •      Dew Point & Color Alarm Feature
  •      320 x 240 Pixel Array Provides 4x Resolution
  •      High Thermal Sensitivity for Optimal Accuracy
  •      Easily Downloads to a PC - JPEG Format, Email-friendly
  •      Interchangeable Optics
  •      Built-in Laser LocatIR
  •      Highly Portable 1.76 lb
  •      One-touch Digital Zoom 2x 4x
  •      with 25° Lens
  •      Includes QuickView Reporting Software

How much?

Can you text me 512-529-1247?

Can you text or email me pics?

James …

Who are you asking to text you

New E8’s are selling for $3000.00 now

A BX320, I would like to own that. The E8 is good but the lens isn’t so good.

Look into Dan’s Fluke Ti 32. You will not regret it.

Dan, 9 Hz or 60 Hz?

Robert … Out of state for a week. Don’t know till I get back and look.

Paul …

I’ve been real happy with the E8 … Have two of them and they show issues very clearly.

I have an e5 that is 3-4 yrs old but lightly used with extra stuff, make an offer ( have a t420 now)

I want to talk with you about the T132 Dan. Lets talk when you get back.

I really love my E8… yep

Great idea Paul. I would snap it up if I was stateside.
I had a loaner for a month. My Ti300 was serviced for almost 12 weeks.
Amazing camera. Germanium lens.

I’m giving it some serious thought.

My first imager was an EX320. Big piece of germanium for the lens. Took excellent images.

Is there a big difference between the EX and the BX?

I’m looking at it as a training camera. Not to say it wouldn’t suffice as more.

That’s for sure!