I found a newer Flir B320 with 45 degree lense for $8K. Good price?

Is this a good price?

The sky is falling like IR Cameras.

Yep i have found a few BX320 for 7K AND E65 Cameras 5K

Saw a FLIR B2 $ 4,700

Next i think you will see some very good deals on Cameras.

As the market gets slower and slower inspectors will get out of the HI BIS.

Sad but thats the way its looking. great time to buy. A house or a Camera.



I would be interested in that BX320.

Expect prices to go down further…soon! at least from Flir. These camera’s will be so affordable within the next few years, it would be foolish of an inspector not to get on board!:shock:

Six months ago you could not hardly find an IR thermal imaging camera on Ebay but today there seems to be plenty of them for sale. Some are new but some are being sold by people getting out of the business and as newer models hit the market. As more and more people tighten their belts, an IR scan may not be in their budget during the buying of a home. Heck, some are even forgoing having an inspection done unless it is cheap. I still get price shoppers every day who are looking for the 99 dollar inspector.

Hopefully the market will change for the better Doug!

Nick, how “new”…was it a refurbished item? If so, then 8k is a really good price, hopefully it came with full factory warranty etc. “New” BX320 units are retailing at close to 12K even tho they can be discounted as well. We carry most of the Flir line of units but no refurbished at this time. Most are available for discounting.


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