FLIR offers exclusive NACHI member discount on Infrared Cameras. Under $99 a month!

Oh. My. Goodness.


I’ve waited for this day. :smiley:

God bless you Nick and everyone who makes this stuff possible. :slight_smile:

What is the deal? Can we post it here?


Thanks Nick…!!

What a deal. That’s on the new one too. I’m calling tomorrow because I just got the security guard today.

Or upgrade to the all new BCAM SD Therma Imager includes these great features:

  • Razor-Sharp Thermal Images
  • 33% Improved Thermal Sensitivity
  • Microsoft Compatible, E-mail Friendly
  • 1000 Radiometric JPEG Image Storage
  • Removable SD/Memory Card
  • Free QuickReport Softward a $1200 Value
    Ultra-Portable & Rugged, with Exceptional Ergonomics
  • Long, 7-Hour Batter Life w/Car Charger
    *]Just $6,750 less the NACHI member discount


Are you allowed to use one without a Bug License?..:lol:

Good idea…if he’s old he probably has some hidden moisture problems and you definately want to know that before you decide to keep him. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, darn well better be able to. :roll:

Well, he is kinda cute…:mrgreen:

Not for any report involving the sale, exchange etc. of a structure in Washington State, unless she is using it to identify conditions other than moisture, or is some other type of inspection. After her statements in another thread about using thermal imaging and exceeding the Standards of the SOP, why would she want such an expensive device? Especially as she just said she is giving up her business to go on disability.

Read more carefully. I said give up “this business” and disability is still an option only.

You don’t run my life and you can’t bully my decisions with your inane posts Lewis. :roll: