Infrared BCAM Price drop!

Hi everyone,

To those interested in purchasing an infrared camera, FLIR has just dropped the price of their BCAM by $1000! The price is now $5750. If you purchase through Inspection Depot, you can save an additional $287 making your price $5463!

All Ft. Lauderdale course attendees will receive a $300 discount.

Flir has also just introduced a new camera, called the BCAM SD for $6750. This camera is like the BCAM but has better image quality, improved on-board analysis features, better image storage and improved QuickReport report software.

Inspection Depot will be offering a $150 discount off the new camera and a $300 discount to all Infrared training course attendees. There is still room in the Ft. Lauderdale class (Saturday Feb. 24 8-6pm). If you would like to attend, please email me at



Catherine, I was thinking of having a free Infrared camera course for NACHI members here in Denver. Denver is a big airport hub and so easy and inexpensive for all to get to. Do you think we are pre-mature in rolling out this technology to our industry or not?

Hope nobody cancels Catherine’s class in the hopes of waiting for an upcoming free class.

I love Catherine but couldn’t care less about that. I only wear a NACHI hat. Besides, a plane ticket to Denver, motel, and travel time is going to be more expensive than whatever Catherine is charging for the FL members anyway.

I’m sure you’re being very generous.

Cost of education is generally too high. Nick anything that you can do to get it down is where it is at.

NACHI TV is one very good tool in this area

Also a long term lease on IR cam when the technology is changing every day is not a good idea

I need the $$ to buy more 5ths. Don’t know why a school would mind that NACHI undercuts one of their courses – Just a membership bennie

Looks like IR might be a problem in Washington State for a non licensed HI’s because it might see evidence of moisture.

Wendy will have to get a license to use a camera — no loop hole – I love it – Your government in action.


Do it NICK!!! IF you could get that class for free I would come!

Looking into buying this unit. Anyone else use it? If so, how is it for resolution?
Before I invest, is anyone selling their thermal imaging equipment as they upgrade? Thought I’d ask.

Allen - I been watching these cameras for a year now. I was also fortunate to go to the "Intro to Thermography/ Building Science class that Inspection Depot offered in my market. At the class I was able to compare the BCAM $6700, the 320 a $14,000 camera and the $40,000 camera…to be honest I had my mind set on getting the B2CAM $9700 for the past 6 moths. Note: I also had reps come to visit me from Mikron and Fluk. The end result was that Flir offered the most cost effective solution for me as HI…then the price finally dropped low enough…I jumped on it right away.

I should have waited to see what Inspection Depot was going to do, but I thought my Flir sales guy that I’ve been working with for the past year had the inside scoop. Not to mention, I was under the impression that ID had already purchesed their cameras for about 6k for resale. Bottom line, I payed $5700 and got my camera on the 15th of this month.

Most importantly, the class that ID offered is what made me comfortable enough to finally make the decision to buy the camera and I didn’t have to spend 10k to get what I wanted. I’m excited…

Note: Don’t get the holster!..people think I’m carring a gun…I’ve got to figure out some thing else. Plus it’s not worth $175…

Aaron, can you post some shots?

Nope. Just in who reports it.

BTW, you keep missing that my intention has always been to show that it can be done. Not that I will be doing it. Nuff said.:roll:

Thanks for the comment about the class. We have worked very hard on it to make it what it is. I appreciate your words and thank you for attending.

We have researched all of the cameras as well and have found that the FLIR, taking into consideration price, ergonomics and resolution, to be the best. It’s too bad you didn’t wait until the price drop and purchase through us, we could have saved you 5%. We knew the prices were going to drop after the new year, but were unable to announce until FLIR confirmed this in writing to us.


And with those Atl officers, that’s not a good idea. :smiley:

Sorry for the delay in response. Computer problems.
Thanks for the info. Emailed Catherine on this and can accually get his bcam for less from her at ID hen I can in Canada from Flir. Looked for good used cameras but to no avail. Seems like everyone is holding on to them.
Only wanted to spend between $5000-$6000 for a unit but want desent resolution which the bcam seems to have.
Hoping something would have come on special for the convention but nothing yet.
Catherine and ID look like the best around right now.