Flir ONE

Has any one read about the New Flir ONE for the smartphones. Any thoughts.

Pretty neat for play time… far from acceptable in ANY professional application services

Wishful thinking.

Sure, for “professional” or industrial applications? No good. Fact is though, most just want to see a leaky pipe, HAVC problems, basic electrical, etc and it’s plenty good for that and almost anyone can afford one. Just look at the FLIR ONE Hot Topic videos on YouTube. Heck, FLIR plans to sell them at Best Buy and they aren’t any more expensive than a dang GoPro.

Waaaay back in the olden days only the geeky pros developed web sites. Then Microsoft came out with Front Page (aka The FLIR ONE) and pretty soon everyone was a web developer. Except for higher end commercial sites, a lot of people just started doing it themselves or got their teenage kids to do it. Ask me how I know. Now we have WordPress and almost no one pays to have a web site done anymore unless it’s a big commercial site.

I think in the long run you can kiss the consumer facing thermal imaging business goodbye. Sure, there will still be commercial applications and clients but the average joe will just buy one themselves, spend an hour on the web and bob’s your uncle. Hey there’s that leaky pipe! Like many things, it just ain’t that hard anymore.

You mean like home inspections?
Anyone can check off a check list.
You don’t really need to know anything about construction, do you?

Umm… Thanks! I Guess??? You just validated my point! :wink:
It’s a consumer grade product just as you stated!!! You bet everyday folks are going to buy 'em and use 'em to “play” around with! I think it’s fantastic and will promote true professional qualified services utilizing professional equipment even more!

LOL! :smiley:

Like Smart phones with camera’s buried professional wedding photographers…:slight_smile:
And Like Consumer grade “photo quality” printers did away with all lines at the film developing kiosks also! :mrgreen:

Anyone can press the shutter button right?

And it only works with IPhone.

Resolution for the FLIR ONE is 80 x 60

The drawback for inspectors is the client’s reaction when you pull out a cell phone and tell them this phone adaptor is your thermal imaging equipment. With no training and poor resolution the chances of missing a defect are great. I can see how some inspectors will try to hide all of this.

Ben did a few videos with one today, you can watch them here:

Here’s a cool video on durability…